Paperweight on my back, cover me like a blanket

Top: c/o Oasap. Shorts: TK Maxx. Shoes: c/o So You Shoes.

Woah hello bra completely on show left, right and centre. So today, not only do you get to see a glimpse of my breasticles and midriff (kinda), you also get a cheeky chicken thigh flash. I'm kind like that.

Although I am slightly face planting at the back bra strap on show. I'm a bit petty like that, as I just cannot stand proper bra straps on display on a strapless/cross over top. So basically I'm kinda going against my own hate. Vomit.

This is what I wore at the weekend, well kinda. Except different shorts (I recreated the photos, as I wanted to show off my pretty bow top). You see, because I am such a superkindamazingbestfriend, I lent the shorts that I wore on Saturday night to my best friend for her holibobs. Like literally, took them off at her front door at the end of the night, and shoved them in her hand.

And tottered off to the car, semi naked. Because that's how I roll when I'm off duty.


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