Every fire is a lesson learned however much it's burned

Dress: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Boots: Primark. Bag: Matalan. Jumper: Topshop.

Call me an eager beaver, but I actually bought this dress and these booties earlier today whilst on a mad shopping spree! And the funny thing, is that I'm not even going anywhere tonight. Except to my kitchen to bake some cakes, for our indoor picnic tonight.

I wanted the Topshop/Primark t-shirt dress, but as usual I always miss the opportunity! Instead I found this in H&M which to be honest, fits me 10x better. And I prefer the shorter sleeves (I'm weird like that!) I also picked up the boots, because I am such a boot whore. I wear them all year round, and I literally love them.. At £18 I just couldn't say no. It was meant to be. I know it.

I even wore a scarf today which is totally strange for me. And to make my day even stranger, I ended up buying some black trousers. Blimey, not sure who's coffee I drank this morning... It certainly wasn't mine. 

But I sure hope I drink it again soon.!


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