This is a place where I feel at home

Bit of a different post today. I spent the weekend in London with my folks and smelly brother (who actually pervs on blogs that I read.. I know this because he says "oh your friend is fit!") and we went on the cable cars that had just opened. I must admit, was extremely strange not to be sweating in some ski wear. Instead I was merely dressed in a skirt and jumper. Ahh the life. 

I also got bought an Oyster card, because obviously my brother thinks I'm uncool walking around with a paper ticket.. So now I am pretending I'm a commuter..

Also added a few snaps of my bedroom, because after 3 months I am still in love with it, more than ever! 

The countdown is on this week. Four days left at work. Five days till the theatre. And seven days till hollybobs.

I wish I could live the high life forever..

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