Here's how we wear: Clashing Prints

1: Steph from StephanieDreams 2: BONJ. 3: Shabna from Scheine. 4: Leigh from Fox and Feather

Another successful Here's how we wear feature and again so much response. Am I going to keep saying this ever week? Yep. Otherwise what else am I supposed to write here? This week, we went a bit clashing crazy as there is just too many prints out in the world to choose just one...So what better way than to pop it all on together. So today's theme:

Clashing prints

Steph says "Don't be too crazy with it and some times more is less. A printed scarf or pocket can do nicely. I found working a bright colour (skirt) with the more neutral colour of the shirt goes well"

I say "Clashing shows your personality and can work with the right colours. Majority of my wardrobe is printed. So I tend to clash my prints together, because I always want to wear them at the same time.. It's either that, or buy some new tees..."

Shabna says "I love this top and I try pairing it with everything. I wouldn't think to pair it with florals and the prints don't really work together; but that's the beauty of it! I think this is great for Summer"

Leigh says "You can't really go wrong with clashing prints as long as you have something to break up the two different prints to stop you looking like a patchwork quilt, whether that be a belt, a cheeky flash of your midriff or some opaque tights like I've worn"

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in.. follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what I'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.

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