They were sitting in the strawberry swing

Top: Topshop. Blouse: Internacionale. Skirt: Topshop. Socks: New Look. Boots: Unknown

So let's all laugh and point looking at me thinking I am a celebrity in these super huge glasses. When in fact I quite possibly resemble a bit of celery more than a celebrity. Shame. Back to the day job for me...

I don't want to blog about the weather and all that but seriously how nice was it today? If I had a longer lunch, I'd definitely have gotten my bikini on. I'm sure the builders would have been right thrilled with that. Unlucky for them really.

Still think this skirt makes me look like Veruca Salt, but y'know, I'm still gonna wear it. It's quite sad that I can't actually eat like dear Veruca though, due to a fixed waist! But I've now changed into a floaty dress, as I drove home for dinner with my Papa G and Bear! So fear not, I am now off to the pub to eat them out of stock. 

This week has been super busy, and the weekend is going to be even busier. And somewhere in between London, homehome and working I have to pack. Yes. I still haven't done in.

If someone wants to come pack for me, I'll give them some frozen food in exchange.. We could do with getting rid.

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Dear catastrophe waitress.

I wish I had a mango tree, in my back yard