Dear catastrophe waitress.

1: Sleepy times with littlebum. 2: Stupid traffic on the M1. 3: Evenings spent with 90210

4: Collar wore. 5: Doodling at work... I like cake! 6: Attempted some packing.

7: Schmidt likes food. 8: Pretending to be a student. 9: Giving up being a student

10: Lunchtimes are for shopping. 11: Eager beaver wants food. 12: Our own Venice rower man.

This week has been non stop. Literally. I've been back and fourth to my parents (and heading back there again today!) been thrown out my own flat whilst the stooopid landlord measures up for underfloor heating. YEAH DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME, I'LL FREEZE, and spent as much time as I could with obviously my other true love Schmidt.

Yesterday was such a delight. Like angel delight. I've never seen so many right fitties in one room. I got to meet loads of lovely people who I stalk over tinterweb, and also some others who are just as ace. BIG love to my BDOGG (this is her blog!!!), Leanne who always makes me chuckle and Lauren who is a right little tinker. In a good way of course.

Also to name a few sexual faces who are just as awesome in real life: Annabel (best brummie I know) Jemma, (she blows kisses. A lot) Vicky (such a babe. Truly) Yasmin (Just as cool IRL) Sian (super cute. I want to eat her) Aisling (our tour guide of LDN!) and lastly a HUGE thanks go to the lovely Eloweeez and Sophie for putting this on and giving us name badges too.

Although I think I dropped mine down the toilet..

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PeeEss: I'm super sorry if I missed you. Doesn't mean I didn't think you were hot. I probably just took a secret photo of you instead for my bedroom!

Bee Arr Bee

They were sitting in the strawberry swing