One Hundred and Sixty Three

Blouse: River Island. Leggings: Primark. Shoes: New Look.

I found this photo in my folders, I'd never used the set of pictures because I didn't like how my face looked. Funny that, considering I wouldn't have changed it with makeup! Oh well. I like the leggings, yet haven't worn them for a while now! And this blouse I picked up a few months back.. I am starting to be a sucker for leopard print!

I finally got a doctors appointment today, and boy was I scared. I don't know what it is about the doctors, but it freaks me out. Littlebum kindly came with me at 9.30am and even carried my bag around because I was too tired. I was actually planning on going to work after, but from the 5 minute walk, I was absolutely shattered! Anyway, managed to get some blood tests.. which I'm waiting on hearing back from. I think it's more painful pulling off the sticky tape than it is actually having the blood test! 

So, a couple more days off has been advised. Thankfully I have Schmidt who is keeping me entertained (when we're both not sleeping!) Or eating apple for the first time :-)

And because I haven't spent anything this week.. I'm treating myself to a new dress! I spotted this a few months back, and now after much debate I think this is THE party dress for Mama Mcfred's birthday (I'm itching to wear the other one - thinking for TOWIB?!)

And I'm also about to purchase my TOWIB ticket, after a lot of pressure from the beautiful Annabel, Lucy and Michelle! I'm a little scared. And like I said to littlebum "I'm just shy. Well I'm not shy. But I am shy".. 

Yeah. Will I be seeing your face there?

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