One Hundred and Sixty Two

Dear Littlebum,

Thank you for being such a good nurse. I think you're the best nurse I've ever had. Although I'm still a little sad that you wouldn't let me have a cup of tea this week, and forced paracetamol down me yesterday. But I'll get over that.

I am sorry that I have been a rubbish patient and slept for 64 hours in four days.. I guess I owe you a lot of washing up and hoovering really don't I? But think on the bright side, at least I wasn't spending my money on clothes!

For now anyway. Next week, I'll be making up for it. Don't worry, I'll buy you something nice.

Thank you again, you really are a littlebum star. The best star of all the littlebum's.

All my sleepy love,

One Hundred and Sixty Three

One Hundred and Sixty One