One Hundred and Sixty Eight

Dress: New Look (Selling here) Shoes: New Look.

I think I had my Friday 13th come late. Today was one of those days. I got up this morning, looked at my hair and thought it was half decent, so hopped back into bed for an extra half hour - bad mistake. I ended up looking like shit all day, managing to fall off the pavement in a rush, and race through the doors at 9am on the DOT. It didn't even get any better. Four times on my way back for lunch, I lost my shoe... Once being on a pelican crossing. Embarrassing or what?! Then I spent the afternoon missing my ear when the telephone rang, resulting in a sore black eye!

What a day. But I'm such a trooper. And rewarding myself 6 rocky bars. 

I'm selling some clothes on Ebay (this was how I spent my lunch break today!!) and will be putting more up tomorrow, so treat yourself, send me the money, and everyone is a winner... It was either, selling clothes. Or my body. 

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Is a blue bird blue?

One Hundred and Sixty Seven