Is a blue bird blue?

Jumper: Primark (selling here) Shorts: Topshop. Collar Top: New Look (selling here) Hat: Primark.

Oh HAI again shorts. Yeah, as you can probably guess, I pretty much live in them. I love them. Maybe it's also the fact they're a little too big round my tum, which means I never feel bad eating in them! As soon as they get too tight, I'll just put on something a little roomier.. and continue eating again. That's what always happens!

 Decided upon photographing this jumper that, actually, I did quite like it again now. It looked so cute with these shorts and the collar.( Although I'm not really a long sleeve person, I feel crammed... I like freedom!) But NO - it had been left abandoned in my wardrobe for too long.. It was down to the wonders of Ebay

This has been a pretty boring week, littlebum and I have turned into domestic housewives and husbands, and cooked every night, cleaned most nights (well twice) and actually spent 'quality time' together! In our slippers. And pyjamas. CLASSIC.

I think it doesn't help that this has been the loooongest month of no pay, as I last got paid in the middle of December (winner at the time. Shit now) so I'm basically counting down the HOURS that money rolls into my bank account. And as my work colleague said "We know where you'll be for lunch on Tuesday... Topshop" True story.

Today I have to do a preee-sentation at work. I hate talking in front of people, I tend to go all shy, or even worse.. act like I have a swollen throat and the words refuse to come out. I'm actually shitting myself. Literally. Well not literally, I hope. I'm wearing my Ever Ours dress.. And I really don't fancy poop on it.

How would I explain THAT one at work?

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