One Hundred and Thirty

Blouse: Matalan. Skirt: Primark. Heels: New Look.

Trying to get photos lately is a nightmare (as other bloggers know!) because of the stupid darkness. And with littlebum working 5647383 hours a day, I never get to see him, let alone pester him to take my shots! So today, I grabbed a box (classy right?) and pottered outside into our new decked garden (FANCY right?!) and raced up and down in between clicks and flashes. The little old lady upstairs bless her, didn't know WHAT was going on! She must think of me as a little perculiar. I don't blame her to be fair, especially when I got my heel stuck in the decking! Nonetheless they turned out alright.. So I'd like to think!

This blouse was a new purchase yesterday, after the terrible start to a week I needed cheering up, and shopping fixes this! To be fair, I hadn't bought anything in a fair few weeks! I couldn't decide between this polka dot number (obviously it ended up winning.. mainly for the peter pan collar!) or this top. I think it's a little crazy and daring (the losing top) but something about it makes me still REALLY want it! I'll let myself settle into work before I rock in with some alphabet top! 

So this week, I teamed up with My Label, I am really excited to work alongside them. I must say, I've been on the website a couple of times, and found some BEAUT pieces like this ADORABLE deer print playsuit and especially my all time favourite owl shorts. I literally love all things owl, and when I saw them, after squealing excitedly, I saved to my favourites.. I think they'll be on my Christmas list, although for me, culotte style shorts don't really, how can I put it, flatter my figure. My ass is big enough as it is, and somehow with shorts, they try to MAKE it bigger! But we shall see.. At the end of the day, it's all down to Father Christmas to choose!

This weekend I am a busy bee, as I have been every weekend last month and next month. I am off to London, to visit the Queen. Obviously NOT. But I am going there to visit 3 of my friends from my last season. So if you see a tramp walking down Oxford Street asking for money to buy clothes, well that'll be me! And then Sunday my parents are coming down, taking me for some dinner (because I can't afford food.. i'm joking!) as a celebratory and 'here goes' new career. My dad said to me that if after two months of being in my new job, that I hate it, he's going to come down and punch me! LOL. No wonder I'm nervous!

And finally.. Breaking it down for you: I got myself a domain! Whoop, no longer got the blogspot on the end. 

I am very touched by your kind feedback on my last post. I was really unsure about posting it!

I got stuck in a dress yesterday in some changing rooms and little A (2years old) was shouting "Katy, you stuck. You broke it. You STUCK". I was literally mortified. It took me 15 minutes to get it off! TRAUMA.

I am loving New Girl SO SO much! Zooey is incredibly funny, as are the 3 guys she lives with! Get downloading it NOW!

And that't it from me. I'm off to eat now. Because I always do! Sweet weekend beauts.

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