One Hundred and Twenty Nine

I feel the need for a rant. I don't know why. Actually I do. Before I let the steam out of my ears, be aware, this is MY blog. So if you don't like what your about to read then PLEASE don't leave shit on my comments because this is where I write. You write on your blog what you like. And i'll write on mine. Thanks! (I'm not a bitch honest...!) but here goes..

After reading this post it really inspired me and got me thinking so much about blogging. I remember the first time I ever blogged, and knew very little about the world that I was about to join.. I thought only my parents and few friends were clicking my link on a weekly basis to see what stupid things I had done with my time (or not done with my time) and didn't feel like I had to worry about what I wrote. Fast forward six months where I now spend majority of my day thinking about what to wear, what I want to buy, who's added a new post and where are the latest bargains. I mean, let me break it down for you, I don't really worry to much about what I wear, however I AM a little conscious when I have an outfit post thinking "Oh, but I wore that last week..". Seriously, how many bloggers do you see on a monthly basis in the same outfit? But then, also.. how many people actually do wear clothes two days running? I raise my hand and know for a FACT that I live in the same items of clothing.. I try to rotate them at least ONCE a week, but I'm a girl. I wear things I like. A LOT.

I feel there is so much pressure, obviously I can choose not to give a shit and wear the same skirt every day for a week (you know what.. I might actually do that!) but in the back of my mind, I actually feel that I'd be frowned upon, looked down on.. And this is where I'm trying to get too (sorry I take forever to get to a point!) actually, on second thoughts.. I don't really know where i'm trying to get to! For me, to get in with 'the blogging crowd' you have to have all the latest high street trends, know other bloggers in the 'crowd' and get a gazillion followers. But what does all this mean? At the end of the day, I couldn't give a shit about whether I had 1 follower or 1500 followers. I blog, because I want to blog, because I enjoy having my photo taken (girls you ALL know you feel this too, or you wouldn't take them!), I love sharing what I wear, and I enjoy hearing what you think about my world. And if nobody read my blog, then so be it. I don't ask people too, nor do I beg for followers to look cool. THAT bothers me. Although I don't know WHY I'm letting it bother me..? It happens all the time!

Why do people comment you asking them to follow you? Urm, if I haven't checked your blog (and if you are lucky enough to even get a view after that comment) then it's likely that you won't get a follow. Following is for people who enjoy what you read/write. I'm not going to follow you because 'you follow me and I follow you'. This isn't a game. Nor is it a popularity contest. I didn't ask you to follow me.. I know this bothers other people too, and it's very common. But it's REALLY getting to me lately. Let's see how many people check out the photo on this post, and copy 'I love your blog. follow me'... I AM NOT A COMIC STRIP. I HAVE WORDS ON HERE TOO. So please, actually spend some time reading my blog before you decide to tell me to follow you. I will happily check your link if you leave it for me. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to read, I really am. But at the end of the day, it's the people who actually enjoy reading my blog that choose to check back every day/week/month/year. And I'm pretty sure (actually, I know) that I won't be crying into my pillow if you never check back again..

Nonetheless the blogging world can be a beautiful thing. You can find so many gorgeous styles (and gorgeous ladies too) and ways to wear an item, that maybe you've struggled to pull off, and also meet bloggers like yourself. I've loved being able to interact with other bloggers, because we all share the same passion. And the opportunities for a blogger is fantastic. Think of all the media behind blogging now, it's phenomenal. We have things like The Cosmo Blog Awards, all the PR events, the giveaways and Blogger meets which help bloggers come together. I haven't met any bloggers face to face yet (damn you no money for The LDN xmasblogger meet) but I know that very soon I shall be setting dates aside in my diary to meet some of these talented ladies. True, real ladies, who enjoy what I enjoy. Blogging. 

This post wasn't written as though I am sad by my follower count or page views. I love my followers, and I'm pleased they actually enjoy what crap comes out my mouth (and wardrobe) and my page views suit me fine! At the end of the day like I said before, I blog because I want to. Because I enjoy it. I am fully aware that I might get critiscm from this post, but remember.. this is MY blog, where MY thoughts happen. And if you don't like it, you know where the X button is....

* This is in no way or means aimed at anyone in particular, however lately it's really been heating me up! And I know a fair few other bloggers feel the same way.

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