Five Happy Things This February

Well, what a shameful February I’ve had over here on Little Winter, with my one post! To be honest, I don’t really have the best excuse, but in fairness I’ve been travelling around the country a lot and leaving my laptop firmly behind. Which is nice. And something I’m going to do more of.

BUT I’ve still made time to share Five Happy Things this February, because although I’ve found it a tough month for my mental health, it’s reminded me of the amazing things that HAVE happened. And there are certainly a few of those.

Fresh flowers. Is there anything more simply satisfying than buying a fresh bunch of blooms and then dotting them around the house? I’m quite practical when it comes to buying them, in that I work out if I’m about much, otherwise it feels like a waste. And so when a press trip was cancelled, I knew I’d be having a week at home so some fresh eucalyptus, pussy willows and gypsophila make for the perfect home decorations. Plus I always choose these are they still look pretty when they’re essentially dead!

Taking time out. It’s so important, yet something we’re quick to dismiss as a priority. But I’ve felt a little washed out from everything recently, so I’ve taken this week in particular, to just do things at a slower pace. That includes going for longer lunches with friends – to really be able to talk, heading out for afternoon walks – including an hour sitting up on Primrose Hill, and basically keeping my head away from social media. It’s refreshing, it is. And I’m grateful that I can do these things when I feel like I need to.

Banana Bread. Can’t stop, won’t stop making it. Best served warm = delicious!

Llamas! And the Lake District. You know when you just have those moments where even though you realise you live in such a beautiful country, you just really realise it more? Well that. I visited the Lake District towards the end of February, and I’m already wondering why I never went in the first place, and when I can go back. WHAT a location it was. AND of course, llama trekking. LLAMA TREKKING. I say no more.

The male. I don’t really give him enough praise for everything he does. And how much he listens to me, puts up with my tears, and always makes the best mac and cheese, just because. But honestly, I’m grateful for him everyday, but this month even more so.

“a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles”