A Peek Inside Our London Nest

A Peek Inside Our London Nest


I feel a little like a broken record for saying this at the moment, but it's been three years since I did a post based around my house. Since living in my own flat (when my last post was!), I moved into the males house in Surrey for a year, before we headed to London back in November 2017. So it's been a while.

And whilst I still to this day have my favourite place I've ever lived, as the flat I had on my own (it was just a special time, and one I won't forget), the home I'm in right now, is a strong and very close to first, second. I love our home for its location, its character, and because it's essentially the first proper place that the male and I have lived. Together.

I want to pretend we did some incredible researching when it came to finding our place, but in all honesty, I think we just got really lucky. We're not really ones for thinking things through, and booking in a few viewings, we said yes on this place with it only being the first place we checked out. And to make light of it, there was nothing to welcome us to London like being mugged of our phones that night as we left the property. But regardless of that situation, where I believe we were just unlucky in that instance, we said yes and haven't looked back since (well, I still look back when I'm walking..).

So come on in, as I show you around our small place, that we love. And proudly call home.

Our home is based in Camden, and it's the perfect location for us. Whilst it still feels really in the heart of London, the area we're in has such a neighbourhood vibe, and having a garden for Runkle definitely helps (even if he goes out for approximately 10 minutes a day...). There's no denying however, that it was a struggle going from two 2-bed flats to one small 1-bed, but we managed to make it work and for us, it's just right.


Oh the living room. Our little cosy nest of a living room. This used to be the room I loved the most when we first moved in, and I couldn't wait to get the shelves just so. I love the open plan of the space, especially if we're having friends over for drinks as it feels more spacious. And in the summer, with the back door open it's a really calming space to be. We also recently replaced a unit for records and drinks, and added a desk to the corner, which was ideal for creating a separate work space, but not feeling like I was never away from work, when we're curled up on the sofa.


The bathroom is undeniably my favourite room in the house, and wherever we end up next, I imagine similar aspects of this bathroom to be incorporated into my future one. I love the grey tiling, and the bath itself with both showers as an option. It's fairly funny actually (well, we think so), because for us, the main shower has never been an issue to us, until we had friends catsit whilst we were away. The males 5ft7, and our friend is 6ft4. Tiny shower for tiny people I guess!


I'll be honest, in that the bedroom is the least favourite. And I always wonder why, because really there's nothing wrong with it. BUT, for me, I love a room that is filled with natural light and this is just not it. As we share our garden with upstairs (he's our landlord and now a fully fledged friend!), his decking of stairs sits over the bedroom window (makes sense from a space point of view), making for a fairly dark room. I'd also love to paint this room a much lighter colour (it reminds me of an ex boyfriends bedroom at their parents house!), but at the same time, we spend little time here, and well, there's a living room of plants to be enjoyed. So c'est la vie!


We've both always said that we much prefer the open plan kitchens. And as we love hosting, and having people over for dinner or drinks, having an open space makes for a much more sociable atmosphere. We tend to have our dinner a lot at the bar, as it's quite nice to sit with a glass of wine in hand, waiting as the dinner cooks. The kitchen has just enough cupboard space for us to store all our tat, enough room for us both to potter about in, and is just a fairly clean space. I absolutely love the wooden work tops - however, it's definitely swayed me not to have them in a future home, because the upkeep is just too much hassle! BUT for now, it's the perfect place to cook pasta and indulge in a camembert.

Of course, I couldn't not have my beloved telephone table in my home - which to be fair, takes up a fair amount of space that we could do without, however, I just love it too much to get rid of. Another of my favourite areas is the sideboard, with the record player and prints. It's certainly the stand out part of the home, and the ideal spot to add a few new plants every so often.

And yes, I am one of those people who constantly rearranges things in the home. I just can't help myself!

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