This Is My Kinda Sunday

This Is My Kinda Sunday


OK, I admit it. I used to hate Sundays.

Not so much in a sense that I preferred the week (oh no!), but I mean, I hated the whole ‘Sunday is a day of doing very little’ kinda thing. You know, that kinda curled up on the sofa watching pointless TV and drinking tea for the whole day. Some people love it, and that’s their reward for a busy week. But, it just isn’t my idea of fun.

Cabin fever kicks in. As does the guilt.

I couldn’t help but feel guilty and think of it as a wasted day, or like I should have been doing something much more worthwhile. However, I’ve slowly started to appreciate those slower days, quieter moments. I don’t plan EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND like I used to. Of course, I still keep busy, but if there’s a free Sunday in sight, then I’ll embrace it. And make no plans.

But you can bet I still get out and about for a bit…


First things first, is embracing that slow start. Those Sunday mornings where we haven’t set an alarm (we’re still early risers, but not having to get up is just so so nice), we turn on the Sonos or record player and we potter around the house with a cup of tea for me, and a coffee for him – they’re some of my most favourite moments. I’ve started to get into reading a little more, because I’m completely miss-gets-distracted-at-anything-and-everything, and it’s nice to just have that time. And get lost into a different world. In this case, the Evergreen book that is all of the plant and interior wanderlust!


Once we’ve taken it slow, it’s always exciting to get ourselves wrapped up warm and take the tube over to Shoreditch and wander down Columbia Road Flower Market. A street lined with flowers of every colour and variety, enough plants for everyone and quaint coffee shops and pubs bursting with people. There’s such a warming and friendly atmosphere here, and you can’t help but fall in love with this street and market. Plus fresh blooms for the home is always a bonus and a perfect way to treat yourself on a Sunday.


Blooms dropped off home (most likely in an Uber, because if there’s one too many plants bought, then there’s no way the tube would appreciate that!), and brunch is on the cards. We’ll always try and stay local, unless we’re meeting friends, and we tend to opt for somewhere in Camden or our favourite area, Angel. I just love the variety of places to eat and drink, and it doesn’t ever feel rushed wherever you are. Brother Marcus is one of my favourites, with some delicious vegetarian dishes, and has a really chilled vibe, making brunch even nicer than you always remember.


It’s so easy to jump on the tube or a bus to get somewhere, but we always find much more when we’re walking, so we try to walk places where we can. I love getting lost in Islington as we head back towards Camden, turning down streets we wouldn’t have noticed on the bus – and coming across gems like old cars. It’s also the perfect opportunity to find some new spots to visit, and feel like a true Londoner. I honestly, never get bored of walking around here.


Once we’ve gotten some fresh air and exercise (and most probably some food for dinner), we’ll head back home, light all the candles, close the blinds and get into our comfies for a cosy evening. If I’ve been out and about for at least an hour or so, I’m more than happy now to come home and just chill out, especially with a hot bath! A nice hearty dinner cooking on the hob, some series on Netflix ready to be watched, and a chat about our week to come, is definitely how I like to end a weekend.

Who knows, maybe Sundays will become my favourite day of the week before I know it. Although, it’s still got some stiff competition with Saturday…

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