This cupcake is a year old...

Hello. Today is a special day. OK so today isn't a special day, but a few days ago (Friday to be specific) this perculiar blog turned ONE. Yes. I didn't realise, because I was possibly too busy stuffing my face with chocolate, after some Wispas staring at me all day. You kinda have to then don't you? Well that's what I thought.

Now I love Ever Ours as much as the next person. But I REALLY love it. If I could own every single dress from there I would. But I also spend many evenings drooling over the jewelry. Especially the perfect pumpkin carriage necklaces and the super ace moustache rings. However, sadly for me, call me weird, I don't seem to wear it. Unless it's a haribo ring. But that doesn't last long.

Ever Ours have a Be Your Own range, where all proceeds go to Children in Need. So not only are you helping out those children, BUT you also get to treat your necklace. I guarantee your neck will love you forever more!

And if your a super poor person like me? Then fear not, I have one to give away. YES GIVEAWAY! (can I get a hooray after all these moons I've said I'll do one!) The beautiful Kim sent me this adorable necklace for one of my lovely readers... Because she's a babe, and you're all babes. Enough said.

All you need to do to be in with a chance to be a lucky egg:

You need to be a follower of my blog via GFC.

Leave me a comment and don't forget your email address and twitter if you have one!

This is open to all lands floating on the sea and will end on Thursday 31st May

And that my friends, is it!

For an extra entry: Tweet: @kfedland is having a giveaway on her blog

And please add an extra comment letting me know (this makes life easier for lazy me!)

Sadly the tray, heart bowls and flowers don't come with it! Boo to me! Good luck beautiful ladies!

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