Every word you say, I think I should write down

Dress: H&M. (cannot find it on the website.. Boo!) Belt: Matalan. Wedges: Primark.

This month I'm a green eyed Gwendaline. Not the jealous green, the colour green. Everytime I pick something up in a shop, Mama Mcfred screams "STEP AWAY FROM THE GREEN". But this one was an exception. I think it's because it requires no bra, and she's a fan of going braless (please note: Mama Mcfred does not get her breasticles out for fun!) and it's definitely my kinda dress...So she ever so kindly bought me it. What a gem. The both of them that is.

I've spent the last two days actually unpacking the house. After 6 weeks, we've finally gotten round to doing it. I say unpacking.. I merely mean, buying floral ornaments, bed spreads and cushions and placing them everywhere in the house. To be honest, my argument for buying all the not-important-right-now-things is that I'm helping Littlebum not have to build them. He can sit there surrounded by floral cushions instead. Much to his dismay..

And after laughing so much at him looking ever so wonderful in our rose, polka dot bed spread.. He got up and went off to his manly place. The kitchen. To cook dinner. Which works for me! This was my plan all along.. !

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