May we sit together when we're grey and old

Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Leather Jacket: New Look Generation. Boots: Unknown.

Littlebum: Nike trainers: Office. Jumper: Primark. Jeans: Topman.

I'm going to be one of those annoying people in today's blog post. For two reasons. The first one is that I'm basically wafting in your face a mushy photo of me and Littlebum. URGH. VOM. GET A ROOM. Yeah I took note. And secondly, I am genuinely in love with this playsuit. Like quite literally. I haven't taken it off kinda love.

Glamorous sent me this. Because they're kind and stuff. And I was a little unsure of the sizing. I had a dress from them a while back, which turned out to be a great fit. But playsuits can be a hit or miss. Especially when you have no breasticles but a triple bum. And whilst waiting for it to arrive, I thought up many ways I could wear it, should it happen to be tight. A body double even crossed my mind. Well, it was more, how I could persuade Littlebum to pose for me in it?!

So when it did arrive, I was extremely surprised that it fitted me like a dream. Honestly. It may give me saggy tits (what doesn't these days?) but no word of a lie, my bum looks smaller than it's ever looked before. And my thighs, even dare I say it, look thin. My dreams have come true. Thanks to THIS playsuit. Glamorous. I think you are my new favourite shop.

Playsuits are no fun for toilets, nor festivals. But this will be attending with me to Y Not Festival for sure.

As for the portaloo situation? I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.!

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