One Hundred and Thirty Three

Dress: Ebay. Heels: New Look. Clutch: Topshop.

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE sorry for the bird like poop stain down my dress! If you did notice, then please, do not hate me for being a tramp. And if you didn't notice, can we be friends? I am such a mare these days. Today was toothpaste down my dress, and yesterday was lunch down my skirt. I like to tell myself, that I'm saving it for later. But in reality? I just need to stop acting 6 years old.  So yes, please excuse this.. I'm sure you all have this problem at times too..?

I went to see In Time last night. It was actually a bloody good film. I'm not sure littlebum enjoyed my gazillion questions, where upon his last reply was "Katy, it's not real. So stop thinking it is!" Which then led me to sit back and actually stay awake this time! I think it helped that I had a cup of tea to occupy me (courtesy of littlebum sneaking it into his coat pocket!) My only negative on the film (I know it's not real!) but, seriously.. HOW DID SEYFRIED MANAGE TO RUN SO FAST IN THOSE HEELS?! I could do with a few tips to be fair ta. So Seyfried, get in touch. We need basics. I can JUST about stand in them.

Because I am so so poor, and meant to be spending my non existant money on Christmas presents, I have taken to screen shopping. You know, like window shopping. Only on the internet. Bad BAD times! I found some amazing shorts this week. I don't know WHY I look at shorts, because like I said, I know the outcome but these really took my eye! I think they'd brighten up any winter day! Then I found the super cute Sugarhill pony dress, which has gone down in price! I think the long sleeves are such a winner, as they'll definitely keep you that little bit warmer.. (I should really take my own advice!) Plus I couldn't help myself staring at the Deer print playsuit again (the one I posted about here). That, too, is now under £40. Oh how I'm so tempted. Oh how I need pennies first! Maybe a miracle will come along.. But for now, if like me, you're poor.. why not check out there MID SEASON SALE!

When I'm not watching Gossip Girl. New Girl. Glee. Californication. Or KUWTK's, I find myself doing perculiar things. And this week I set up a formspring. Feel free to ask me anything. And be nice. I cry a lot.

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