One Hundred and Thirty Two

Dress: Primark. Blazer: Nikka. Hat: H&M Kids. Bag: Primark. Boots: Primark.

Today saw me start my new job, as a real grown up. No nursery rhymes, baking or reading. Just paperwork. And a desk. My own desk. With LOTS of stationary. It excited me. Probably a little too much, that I don't think "Ooh this and this and this and THAT are fancy" went down well in the office...

 And of course, littlebum took some photos of me as I set off for my adventure. Not only do I look like a school girl about to go to school for her first day, but I also FELT like one. My dress made me feel grown up. My blazer made me feel like I was a boy trying to be a grown man wearing your dad's suit. And my bag made me look like I was giving Mary Poppins a run for her money (I bet she'd cry if she knew that a replica was from Primark for a fraction of the price!) And don't get me started on my boots... I have worn and worn these in the hope my feet would adjust. They were doing well. Till I had to walk on the cobbled road. Where upon I stumbled approximately 4 times.  And got my heel stuck slightly. Let's just say, for a 5 minute journey, it was quite an adventure! 

Putting my poorly feet aside (sorry guys, it'll be happening again tomorrow!), I did enjoy my day. Thoroughly.    And I cannot wait to get back to my stapler and OWN signature'd email address tomorrow. Unless they fired me for oohing and aahing at the post it notes I got. That are now spread over the computer... 

One Hundred and Thirty Three

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