One Hundred and Thirty Four

Dress: Topshop. Cardigan: Zara. FAUX Fur Stole: H&M. Heels: New Look.

Ahh, the Birthday dress that has already been worn 374364 times! At least it was a good purchase right? Still in love with it! But already on the hunt for something for my 'actual' birthday now! I've so enjoyed dressing up for work, and wearing heels. However my feet really haven't agreed with it, so today I gave them a treat and let them wear slippers allllll day! Heaven. I don't HAVE to wear heels, but I choose to. And I think it makes an outfit look so much smarter, don't you agree? 

So one week completed of my job, and I haven't been fired / cried yet / or said I hate it. I think they all liked me (and thought It was my first job.. What a shocker when I told them it's like my 6453th job!) and now I must buy crap for my desk! Papa G - Don't worry you won't be needing to come and punch me in the face. Not quite yet anyway!

Upon my screen shopping week (It totally got worse after my latest blog post!) I browsed around for the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats. I know for a FACT that I will never be able to afford them. Literally even if I tried saving.. And then, Ebay Queen VIPXO was asked to find some alike, and LO AND BEHOLD she did HERE for under £40! But the BEST bit.. They're actually wedges... Which makes me want them so much more because I'm not a flat pump shoe whatever person. And they're PURRFECT! (sorry!)

I'm thinking of doing a feature called "Spill it Sunday" where you ask me any question (as daring as you can be!) and each Sunday I'll answer 3 of them revealing all my embarrassing moments! What do you guys think? If you think it's a good idea and you want to laugh at my expense then get thinking of a question! And ask me on Formspring or comment below!

Enjoy your weekend. Eat as much as I do. That's what Sundays are for!

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