One Hundred and Thirteen

Knit: Charity Shop. Dress: Primark. Hair piece: A-Wear.

Haven't really been feeling very photoworthy lately.. I'm not sure how snotty noses would trend? Although, very popular I am sure! I have man flu. Literally. I never ever get ill, so as you can imagine I am really quite mad at myself... And this includes wanting extra sympathy (blatantly not getting it, because I'm the worlds worst when people are ill!!) So along with the disease, comes the greasy hair. And LOOK, I'm wearing it up!   I was originally going to pop on some shorts and a chunky knit but I didn't really fancy being mistaken for a lad in the street, so I opted for this dress to feel like a princess (definitely not working!) and added my pink knit in the hope people will still recognise that I'm a lady! 

Very excited for the weekend, I'm now off to Southampton to see the lovely cousin Charlie Parlie bon Barlie. This isn't her real name. I wish it was! We're going to do lots of exciting things which also excites me a LOT! I love spending time with her, and the chaos we get up to after a few too many beverages! The only thing freaking me out, is that she's a student.. and this will involve being surrounded by students. But what's worse, is that it's going to be BUSY! I guess I best give up my personal space for the weekend. Boo.

What are you up to at the weekend?

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