One Hundred and Twelve

Top: Topshop. Skirt: Matalan. Wedges: Primark.

And so the Autumn is finally here! Digging the tights back out and the leather jacket! Kinda glad actually, because then I have an excuse for walking around with the duvet all the time! Today, I am wearing my new top and skirt. I had been after this skirt for a while as wanted a black one, but it was always too big. And then  I saw it in the sale so couldn't resist. And anyway, bigger is better.. at least I can eat loads! The top was a quick mad purchase. I had just received some good news, and without looking whilst trying on, I brought it! I am however, thoroughly in love with it! 

The good news I received over the weekend.. was some that I really didn't expect. I had been for an interview for a completely different career, and after breaking the computer (which completely went in my favour.. as I'm terrible with maths questions!) I thought this was the end! So being told, I'd been offered the job was a total shock. My Mama Mcfred even cried bless her! Funny, how I had the call whilst in Topshop fitting room, and my current job, I'd been offered whilst on the toilet! LOLZ. So yeah, I am completely OVER the moon. A new career, working alongside people and just a brand new challenge! Obviously I'm petrified too, but I'm too busy thinking about what new outfits I can wear!!

I will however, absolutely miss the girls I work with so much. They may only be 4 and 2 years old, but they sure as hell teach me a few things about this world! Like the fact Una from The Saturdays is pregnant, or that Nicki Minaj has a new song on the radio!

We have some right old fun, and they are the cutest and funniest girls I've ever looked after! But I still plan to see them, which will involve nail painting and hair plaiting! I genuinly have had such a fantastic time with these gorgeous little clever ladies! And enjoyed the Summer with them, from splashing in the water park, to running away from the ducks, and epic amounts of cake making! I absolutely adore them! And I know I'll miss them (even their crazy screaming!)

So here's to a new chapter in my life! And what better way I started it, than having a celebratory meal with the boyfriend.. home cooking of course (So he should!) Time for Gossip Girl!

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