One Hundred and Fourteen

Top: Internacionale. Bodycon: Topshop.

I must be getting old.. I couldn't wait to get home to my own slippers, mug of tea and curl up into bed to catch up on my blogs! I have had a fantastic weekend, besides being punched in the stomach (true story!) but extremely shattered. I need a week off to rest!

I'm not normally a bodycon skirt kinda girl, but I did fall in love with this colour a few months ago. And only today did I brave wearing it out in the light of the day. I'm still a little unsure whether it's acceptable to be worn shopping and what not. But I guess I don't really care. And LOLZ at the middle picture, totally just showing you my Kim K butt! Kinda over it now, I used to HATE it when I was little, partly because my dad would shake when I walked into a room.. pretending my ass made the room move! Funny now!

So this weekend, I was in Southampton.. Can I just stress now that SERIOUSLY the M3 is totally the most depressing road EVER! Anyway, had a lovely chilled one Friday evening, cooking, eating everything and watching trash tv! Then Saturday, I obviously suggested shopping. I also managed to get my birthday boots with my cousins student discount! Now I just have to resist not wearing them till December.. Hmm! 

Saturday evening we planned to go out. We went out realllyyyy late, and neither of us were particularly drunk.  It was ridiculously busy, and everyone was wearing pretty much nothing! I hated how guys completely shot me awful looks because I was dressed 'normally'.. If my boobs and bum were out, this would have apparently been fine! Anyway, after a few drinks we decided to call it a night. Food called.. of course! And in the kebab shop, a fight started, where some guy was going crazy, and fell into me, then turned around and punched me in the stomach, before grabbing my dress to stop him falling to the floor. LUCKILY my cousin grabbed my dress (she knew I wanted the dress saving more!!) and another guy pushed him away from us, before then asking if I was pregnant, where my reply was "Do I look it?!" To be fair, he was just being decent! So that was our evening. I think the saddest part for me, was actually leaving without food!

After a snooze, IKEA was on the cards. This excited me too much! We lunched and mooched in there before heading home absolutely wacked! Took a few photos of the weekend..

1: Doughnuts! 2: Lunch! 3: Port. 4: Beauty. 5: Love. 6: Ikea Lunch! 7: Ikea!

After an easy drive home (how much I love to sing!) I literally flopped on the sofa and haven't moved since! I bet once the X Factor has finished, I shall crawl to bed where I will be joined by Gossip Girl catch ups! Oh and the boyfriend! I've secretly missed him this weekend!

How was your weekend?

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