Life lately

This week with most plans being based at home and having friends visit me, I've had in my head that my house is due a Spring Clean (can you have a Spring Clean as it gets colder?). I'm planning on thoroughly sorting out each room, maybe a little bit of painting and some re-arranging of my ten hundred ornaments that I appear to own. And starting with the spare bedroom, because that pile of clothes isn't getting any smaller...

I constantly change my mind about wanting a lazy Sunday morning at home, and then when it happens I'm done with it for another six weeks. And because I've been here there and everywhere lately, last night was definitely me time. I stirred myself a hot cup of tea, turned on my heating, grabbed the cat for company and tucked into that book I've been trying to read for ages now!

 Spending time with this one this week. Because I didn't do it enough last week. And he's become even more needy since going out (I reckon that's because him and his big tummy get stuck up that tree occasionally...). Not that I'm complaining. Come pad on me all you want Runklebum!

If there's one house I could quite easily move into (purely for the hostess skills), it's definitely Sarah's! Once you've sorted your way through her huge pile of cushions, a stay with her is always pleasant and relaxed. And she makes a mean Chicken Satay (yup, still thinking about that MillionD!), and will send you on your way with enough Curly Wurlys to last a month (I totally ate them in three days..).

Maybe not the biggest achievement for most, but for me a very proud moment. After spending pretty much the whole year trying and failing at cutting an avocado (I just couldn't understand HOW to do it), I finally cut the perfect one. And you know what? I totally did a happy dance. And nobody saw. So I took a picture. I'll leave it off my CV achievements though..

It had been a while since I treated myself to some flowers, so last week I popped into my local shops and picked up a small bouquet of white roses. It made me realise how much I'd missed having fresh flowers in the house and has me itching to do another Floristry course. For now, I'll just make do with my half cut oasis in the cupboard and some foliage in the garden for now!

Work is the place we're at all the time. And so it's important to get on with the people that you're surrounded with on a daily basis - and it's a bloomin' awesome thing that me and this fruitloop are basically the same human being. Work trips away are always a jolly laugh, with heart to hearts, sing offs, nakedness, caramel frappe overdoses and the occasional bed sharing. Tweedledee and Tweedledum they call us..I just don't know why...

The truth about living with a cat