We liked the little things

Unwinding.. I am trying my hardest to unwind at the moment, but I'm failing. I want to sleep, I need to sleep, but my brain is constantly in overdrive and even with an early night and a scented candle, I find myself lying there thinking about everything for the following day. A few minutes peace can help.

Decorating... Little B wallpapered the downstairs toilet after us hating the painted job we did last year. We're fairly pleased with it, and it seems that the wallpaper has completely fascinated these two kitties. If they had their way, they'd spend hours sitting on that windowsill like statues. Not sure they'd sit still long enough mind..!

Kindness... When my granny came to visit me last week, she bought some flowers for me, which was absolutely lovely. I don't see my granny as much as I'd like too, but with her in the area she popped in for a catch up and hot drink. The more I learn about my granny, the more I realise how similar I am to her.

Cuteness... Little Ralph is still looking very very cute. He's slowly turning more into a cat each day, but those kitten eyes are still winning us over. And now that he has started venturing outside, we may have just cracked this kitty to sleep at night... Well, half sleep! He still wants to lay on your face and tap those eyelashes of yours.

Loving... Since I've been home, Little Runkybum has not left my side. You find him jumping onto the sofa for a cuddle on your lap, he'll snuggle in next to you in the middle of the night (whereas he always slept at the bottom of the bed!), and even this week when I locked myself away in the bathroom, he just wanted to come and join me...

Comfortable... I've spent far too many hours in this jumper, considering the short amount of time I've actually owned it. Sizing up by two sizes was the best decision I made and right now works perfectly for that lazy day, the day on the road, the busy day in the office, and that weekend shopping that needs doing.  It's perfect.

Catching up.. I'm slowly catching up on everything that happened in the past three weeks. It may not mean anything, it may not help, but watching the last few weeks of trashy TV and scrolling back through Instagram as far as I can, has been refreshing. It's funny what you miss out on without really missing out on it at all.

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