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Boohoo Playsuit | New Look Jacket and Boots | Miss Luxe Satchel 

Another day, another same outfit that one is wearing again. You see, after not wearing this playsuit initially for a month after buying it, it's seems that now it can't well leave my body and here I am sporting it again. Exactly the same as last month. So I guess you could say I'm kinda boring, but also just your average girl who spends too much money on clothes and sticks to the same things - please tell me I'm not the only one?

And really, I should begin to invest in a new kinda jacket and find some other footwear because soon these boots will start walking themselves and maybe it's time to grow up and buy adult jackets rather than from the 915 range!

But when my fringe is scraped back and I'm looking like a child, I may as well dress like one too.

Alas, I wore this outfit to London on Saturday (and when I did the food shop, and afternoon lunch and all that) to the Love event, after debating for hours how to dress. As usual, I wish I'd worn something else - seriously, sometimes I just think I never fit in regardless of what I'm wearing! However I was rather toasty with my two coats on (beautiful Megan was warming up whilst taking these snaps - thanks gal!) so that's always a plus. But I must admit, as much as I want to marry these boots, I never knew they could hurt from a day of standing around in London. I guess I'll stick to wearing them around the office, because y'know, sitting down, drinking tea and eating biscuits makes them much more comfortable. And that makes me happy.

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