The iPad mini review

White Apple ipad - Available in Argos

Life seems to have gotten to the stage where I'm admitting that there's just not enough hours in the day, and of course with a 9-5 job (actually I start at 8am), moving house and numerous other life related things, blogging has most definitely taken a back seat (we do sincerely apologise for the lack of our sporadic blog posts and not reading yours). And as you'll probably know, I'm not really that much into my modern technology, so carting my 17inch laptop about isn't ideal even from the kitchen to living room .So in fairness when my delightlful postman knocked at the door with this Apple iPad mini I think the first 15 minutes were spent staring at the box unsure what on earth to do with this glamorous paperweight. It was only 6 months ago that I upgraded my Samsung phone which required sending a text to update your Twitter status, let alone be part of the Apple crew.

Once I'd figured out how to turn it on (Apple, I salute you for keeping things similar to the iPhone - I can just about work that!), and realised that the apps wouldn't magically appear I did the usual blog/girl thing and downloaded my favourite ones with the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. This would have been an easier process if Little R hadn't been so interested in a new smell to figure out. When he'd finally figured out that it didn't do that much for him, it only seemed right to check out the camera. Because I'm sure that's what most people do with these things right? And the bigger the screen for selfies (or cat snaps) the better I say.

To be quite honest, if somebody had told me two months ago that I'd have joined the tablet party I would most definitely have laughed in their faces especially considering the amount of laptops I used to break in my youth (not on purpose mind!). But with having this more than just a glamorous paperweight for under a week, it has completely made not only my blog life but daily schedule plan so much easier. The fact I can keep up to date with my emails and reply without adding extra letters into my words is a lifesaver already. And finally being able to catch up on blogs properly, tucked up comfortably in bed makes for a perfect cosy evening in. So now if you don't seem to find me for days, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be hiding under my duvet in a variety of positions with this incredible little tablet (even if I can't figure out how to lock the rotating screen!)

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