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Little Me wears: An Urban Outfitters dress, Primark socks and boots from New Look.

I'm not too sure whether it's the lighting of these photos, the dress, or just myself that makes me look a little dumpy and oh so pasty. Because I am neither pasty, not that dumpy (we'll forget the thighs this time). I'm going to go with the dress as it's a little different from my normal shape, but I was hugely drawn to the colour and the smock style of it. It reminds me of something Leigh would wear, which probably swayed me to buy it, in my forever effort to look a little bit on the cool side (do frilly socks count?!).

I'm a little fed up with my hair at the moment.. We worked out that the last time I braved a hairdressers was in February. So I'm probably due a trim and I'm actually debating this look.. Although the last time I went shorter was probably when I was 7, and urm, it kinda grew outwards instead...

I'm now off to laugh at Little B continue training Little R to 'fetch'. So far, Little R has managed to walk around the house with my pants in his mouth. That'll be interesting for the postman!

The Little Winters x

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