Another little bit of this and that few weeks

This weekend I decided to be a little different and head out in jeans and a tee. I kinda felt a little cool. Today has been lovely, but it was extra nice seeing my house in view after being away for two days.

This weekend I hung out with my favourite, Kimbolina.. We're soon becoming one, in our sharing clothes! On Saturday we headed to Birmingham for Claire's birthday. It was a super evening!

This week, Little B and I haven't had much time together so at the weekend, we enjoyed dinner with both our families. On Saturday, I dipped into my first ever GBK burger, it was pretty delicious!

This week Little R has been having fun in a carrier bag. To be honest, anything really.. His new favourite toy seems to be bikini bottoms! On Monday I accidentally on purpose bought a new toaster.. Sorry Little B!

I've spent the majority of this week in my jeans and my Vivienne's.. Ultra comfort days, although a little cold with bare ankles! On Wednesday, Little S has been having some extra warm cuddles. He's a cheeky one!

This week we had fun chasing Bear around my parent's garden. He doesn't really like the outdoors, but really likes the snow.. Messy pup! On Tuesday, the mix of the sun and snow shone through our little window.

The Little Winters x

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