Would you hold my hand like the air was here.

Little Me wears: A dress from Ravi Famous*, a Primark scarf and bag, She Likes jacket* and Internacionale boots.

Little B wears: A jumper from Skip N Whistle*, Topman jeans, a River Island beanie and Nike trainers.

So I know that in the the last post we mentioned how the roles had reserved lately.. Well we must have lied because it only happened once it seems. And now I'm back in my dresses and boots and Little B is in his slouchy jeans and jumper look. I guess some things just never seem to change..Although on second thoughts, I did buy a scarf this weekend, which isn't a big deal but when you have a box full of scarves because they look pretty, yet never wear them, then I guess it's fine to make a song and dance about it today as I'm actually wearing it (only partly because my dress feels to low, and I'm a bit of an old lady when it comes to lower cut tops!). And whilst we're on that matter, Little B is wearing a cat jumper outside, which very rarely happens on a regular basis. So I guess really, that maybe a leopard can change their spots...? Or clothes in this instance!

However much the weather knocks us down, you can almost feel the Summer creeping up upon us. This week we've got meals booked out every night till the middle of next week, which gets us a little excited for the BBQ months! I suppose we should take full advantage of these dinners, before it's back to milkshake and strawberries for dinner..!

This month we've had Tentative Decisions advertise with us, who are an absolutely beautiful jewellery shop. They stock some of the most beautiful crystal's with a variety of colours and shapes. They're most definitely worth a look at,especially for adding those finishing touches to an outfit!

We still have a few spaces left to advertise with us in April, which are only £3 for the month. So send us a cheeky little email if you fancy being featured on Little Winter.

The Little Winters x

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