Ninety Three

Blouse: Topshop. Shorts: New Look. Boots:New Look. Bag: Vintage.

So this week is an exciting week. Myself and the BF have a week off together (funny how we live together, but never actually see each other!) and we have lots planned. A few days in LDN seeing the family, shopping, drinks and meeting friends! Then a couple of days chilled out, with another baby shower order and then we'll be ending the week with a crazy one! All our Tignes friends are coming to visit, for some riding at Hemel, followed by a night out. I cannot wait! I think i'm more excited to see where everyone is going to sleep.. If anything is to go by Friday night, then i'm sure i've shotgunned the bathroom floor!

I've also decided how much I HATE my fringe. I knew it wouldn't last long.. But to be fair it lasted longer than I expected. I definitely cut it to far back, and now it looks like I have a HUGE mop of hair at the front! Not cool. But then at the same time, I'm just like who cares! Also, a little bit of a change today with my hairstyle. I normally never do anything to it, even brushing. So for it to have been clipped back aswell is a bit of a shock! Let's see how long this lasts then...

Today is nice to chill out, feeling a little better to which is good! And we have Matt's family over for lunch. So glad we can host it, and decide what we want to cook. Hooray for no Sunday dinner! And if you didn't know.. I HATE Sunday roast. I do anything and everything to avoid! I know some of you are thinking that we can't be friends right now. I understand this. I know I am REALLY strange. 

And here's a picture of me and the other half. Incase any of you wanted a soppy moment. Nope? Me neither!

It's time to have fun! I guess I best go and help him tidy the kitchen. Boo! It's hard work living with a chef!

Ninety Four

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