Ninety Four

Dress: Topshop. Blazer: Nikka. Bag: H&M. Boots: Primark. Scarf: Primark.

Yesterday myself and Matt headed to LDN for an overnight stay. It was just to get a few days away together. Turned out to be the funniest and most mental few days! Possibly more Monday evening! We hung out with my family on Monday, which was awesome to see them and then headed to Covent Garden where we we're meeting my friend Carly and her boyfriend Jon. All started well, sensible and sober. Before long, we ended up in Roadhouse, which I must say.. is possibly an incredible place! All I recall is fishbowls were drank, constant cocktails were brought and shots were consumed. Along with willy straws (and willy wars!) and epic amounts of dancing. Must say my favourite was definitely Carly's crab - EXCELLENT! I laughed all night!

Before we knew it, it was 3am. Myself and Matt hadn't a CLUE where our hotel was, let alone had we checked in. Yes I took my pants to a club! So we decided to google, in preparation for our walk. PAH! 50 minutes away. Hmm. Drunk... This called for a taxi. The taxi man informed us there was no hotel under this name (brilliant!) so we were dropped at the nearest tube. We then literally walked for approximately FOURTY minutes around the same block.. asking the same 3 people we saw where to go (these were as clueless as us!) If you know Matt and me, you would also know we're absolutely terrible with directions. So mixed with being completely wasted didn't really help! FINALLY found our hotel, for us to be placed on the THIRD floor, resulting in a very slow stumble up the flights of stairs! Obviously, at the time of all this happening, I was literally thinking we would die and have to crash outside a tube station. But in truth, it was possibly the FUNNIEST thing that has happened in a long time! I think the last thing I said was "Are we getting up for breakfast?" With Matt's reply "OF course"... Hmm, that totally didn't happen! (Maybe because HE was sick.. I cannot stop saying this because it's always ME! HAHA!) 

Anyway, so today we were all like YEAHHH feeling good. Ate some lunch. Died. We hobbled around Covent Garden and Oxford Street, couldn't even brave any other tubes.. before falling asleep on the train home! But, we have had such a lovely time! And it's so nice when we get to actually spend time together! Roll  on tomorrow! 

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