Ninety Two

And so, myself and Chrissy decided on a spur of the moment, we would head out. And celebrate our first order of a baby shower. It had ended up a bit of a last minute panic getting the cakes ready on time, and with Chrissy having to work her little fingers extremely hard fiddling with the icing sugar. But, eventually they were done, and how amazing do they look?! So of course, it was time for drinks! Wine, turned into shots. And shots turned into a messy one! We tried to tell ourselves, we were promoting the business. Urm business cards whilst drunk = hilariously failing!

And so for that fun.. brought death to me today. Not before I woke up in the bathroom with a towel round me as a duvet. Did not have any recollection of this! So, with it being 11.30pm and still feeling terrible.. there is definitely no outfit post today! I will save this for tomorrow for you all!

I think it's time for bed now. Unless I can scour down a pizza somewhere at this time of night! That involves not getting up. Hmm.

Ninety Three

Ninety One