Ninety One

Nevermind Katherine Heigl in the film with her 27 bridesmaid dresses, I have 27 of my own dresses.

Do not fear. I haven't attended this many weddings! No. I just always find myself buying them! And always on the lookout for more! Considering, I haven't been at home for the past four years, my wardrobe is lacking (OK not so much anymoree!) clothes, BUT I didn't realise until today just HOW many dresses I had. These have followed me on many of my travels. Through the sunshine to the snow!

Now I'm about to share them all with you. They are from  anywhere to everywhere! From Topshop to the charity shop!

Be prepared for loooooooong photos.

And so, I really should be telling myself that I don't need that new dress from River Island, because it's "Oh so lovely, and would look nice for this" or that "I don't really have the room for this dress, BUT it would look great in my wardrobe". BUT it's so hard. Dresses are just the best thing I find. I love how easy it is to just throw one on, and it makes an outfit. You can add to it, keep it minimal, pop some tights on or bare all.

It's funny how, whenever I buy a new one, I always get the same reply from Matt "You have one just like this..." Which then follows with having to make a different excuse for it!

I also have a slight problem with letting them go. I recently put many of my oldest dresses on Ebay, and some haven't sold.. so they slowly found there way back into my wardrobe! Oops. Maybe it's fate?

And on that note, I'm off to order a dress I found. Plus I have to tell myself "It's nothing like the others!"

Please tell me I'm not the only one...?

And the funniest part about all this?

I GUARANTEE that tomorrow morning I will be shouting... "I have nothing to wear!"

Ninety Two