You taught me everything I know now wave goodbye

Jumper &Playsuit: Primark. Blazer: Old. Bag: c/o Marc B. Boots: So You Shoes.

Good old Mondays, being our day of pottering and what not. Oh and wearing this jumper. It seems to be my Monday jumper. On second thoughts it's my everyday of the week jumper. Yep. Polka dots do it for me!

I'm a bit of a tit, in the fact that I basically have my bumcheeks out, and yes, it has been raining all day today. So I got cold. And now that must have been the reason why I bought another jumper today. Seriously, can't stop buying jumpers in various colours. That, and candles. Oh and slipper socks.. I mean, when did I become 65 all of a sudden?!

Oh and one last thing, before I go pour myself a glass of sherry.. I've set up a blog sale, because it's coming to Christmas and all that jazz, and one needs to go out and buy the tackiest decorations (and presents I guess) so take a peek. And spend too!


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