I've been treading water for your love and your drums

Top: Topshop. Shorts: Primark. Boots: Primark. Bag: Matalan.

I feel like I've been such a busy Belinda lately. But all I have to prove for my business, is a pot belly and a hole in my purse. Brilliant.

As soon as it hit payday, I decided it was definitely time for a work treat. A big work treat. So I bought a dress and I planned to wear it every other day of the week. But then today I went back to my standard ways, and bought a Primark dress and boots, and within an hour of paying my dollar, I popped it all on. Anywayz, I didn't want to ruin my new fancy dress...

So more importantly, you're probably wondering why I have the kitchen mop on my head. Yep, I got a fringe. I always debate one. Get one cut, and hate it after a few days. Sure enough, I still feel the same way but I feel one step closer to Zooey D. If only..

And lastly. I finally got cool, and joined Instagram. Give me a pervy follow. I'm katymitten.


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