Getting Old

You know when you’re getting old.
When you end up in the ‘household’ aisles instead of the clothes section.
Yes this was me today.
(Besides a few pairs of pants and some new shoooooes), I found myself buying things for the kitchen.
And the living room.
And the bathroom.
And I even think the bedroom.

Strange right?
Who knew this would happen!
But what’s worse…
Is that the whole time i’m trying to be cool and trendy.. I’m secretly thinking:
“What new flavour can I make my cupcakes?”
“How can I make a new pattern with my finger knitting?”
It’s kinda sad right?
It’s like I’ve celebrated my 74th birthday last week.
I didn’t.
I just thought incase you were wondering,
And a little bit stupid.
I am 22 years.
Even more shocking.
Considering I bake, knit, and get EXTREMELY excited by the toilet roll on offer! It was SUCH a bargain.

On another note, I am at homehome this weekend.
Yes homeHOME. As in the parents home. Kettering home.
My washing basket was overflowing.. so I thought it time to come back.
I’m kidding.
Actually i’m being serious.
No, really I’m genuinely joking!
I am actually enjoying seeing the family. Catching up on how my adult life is going (they obviously don’t read my blog.. FAIL! Little Grandad, if you are reading.. then I am pleased!)

I finally got over my hangover from our house party last weekend.
Oh Em Gee.
I didn’t even talk about this.
And I cannot believe I said Oh Em Gee.
Possibly because I cannot really remember much.
I wasn’t sick.
Yes I KNOW!!!
But then this made me die for approximately 3.5 days.
Honest truth.
But thanks to everyone who came! It was very fun. And messy. Literally.

That is all.
I am off to stare at my new household purchases. Probably to sit on my new stool’s for fun.
For Christmas, I’ll be asking for homebase vouchers!
I best do a song of the moment!

Song of the moment: I chose this song, because it was constantly played in our house. I love dancing to this tune, either for a night out, or to wash the dishes to (trust me.. it makes it much more fun!) Happy dancing!

Love forever,
Kfedland x