Pigeons And Cheese

I've come to realise that I like pigeons.


Actually, I seem to be obsessed with them at the minute.

Today, whilst in London, I could not stop taking pictures of them. I was fascinated when the male pigeon was spreading his tail and following another pigeon round. He would NOT leave it alone.. If that was me, i'd have most certainly told the pigeon to bugger off! And when my brother got bread out to feed the ducks, I decided it would be more fun to feed the pigeons...!

This is not the first time.


Last week, I hid under the washing line for 20 minutes trying to capture a picture of a pigeon that has taken up hostage in our garden. Everyday, two return. And everyday, they are fatter and fatter. I swear by next week, they'll be bigger than me.

And it doesn't stop there.. My holiday memories of Tenerife, are now mostly based around

'Arthur the pigeon' who constantly joined us on the balcony. I even stooped as low, as leaving bread in tiny tiny pieces scattered all along the balcony.

Have I hit an all time low?

Naming pigeons?

Taking pictures of pigeons?

Feeding them?

Hiding under a washing line for them?


It's true.

I'm weird.

I think I need to get a job!

On another note, I like cheese a lot to.

I ate lots of feta cheese today, it was scrummy! Whenever i'm in the fridge (not literally.. although don't be surpirsed if you ever would find me IN there!), I seem to find myself snacking on cheese..





Marmite cheese.

Cheesestrings. I LOVE cheese strings. OK so there not PROPER cheese, and I don't tend to tear them apar

t, but there still gooood!

To be fair though, I say I like cheese.. but in reality, I just like food.


I LOVE food!

I was actually about to write a list of all the food's I like, but that is totally ridiculous!

So instead, I'm going to leave you with a song.. I hadn't actually listened to it before.. I had just typed 'pigeons'... considering this blog is dedicated to the wonderful creatures.

Song of the moment: Funnily enough, I have played this 3 times since writing this blog.. and i'm really enjoying it.  Her voice is beautiful. I'm definitely listening to the album!

Love forever,

Kfedland x

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