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If there's one thing that this house has plenty of, it's candles. And that's not because we're all about saving our electricity (honestly, Papa G always said the house was like Blackpool with the amount of lights I left on..) but because we like that cosy feeling with dim lighting.. You know what we mean? Especially in the Winter months! Oh and the fact we're too lazy to change a lightbulb. I know, we're ridiculous..!
The Scented Candle shop kindly let us choose some Yankee's to try (add to the collection - guilty over here!) and looking back through my order, anybody would think that we're trying to add a touch of the beach to our house.

I guess you could say that I'm a little particular about our house, and my choices may or may not have been made in relation to the colours for specific rooms. So basically, YES I chose the Beach Walk candle because it would work well in our nautical themed bathroom and oh the Pink Sands looked perfect on the bedside table next to my blush coloured vases - however I can also admit that they both smell utterly amazing. Pink Sands has this incredible sweet scent through it with a touch of vanilla, making the room smell heavenly. Another favourite of mine is the Beach Flowers (I like a sweet smell as well as taste!) with hints of lily and hyacinth coming through, creating the perfect fresh scent. I love coming home from work to the smell of Yankee Candles lit around the house.


  1. I love Yankee candles they have a beautiful variety of scents my home has loads of candles, I Love the warmth and scents in winter like you too :)
    Melissa || My Blog

  2. I've wanted a nautical themed bathroom for so long! My other half still isn't convinced yet though, hmmm!
    These all look lovely, I might just have to treat myself :)
    The Life of Maisie ♡

  3. I've been seeing a lot of Yankee candles around, and I've been wanting to try them, but I am very picky when it comes to candles. I prefer it not to be too strong, but not too weak, and I somehow always stumble upon the ones that are far too weak.

    Definitely will try these though.

    Naturally Jes

  4. I love the Scented Candle Shop, definitely need to getmyself a few new candles I think.

  5. Yankee Candles are so lovely but super pricey; the only ones I've tried were the gel bead variation and, whilst they smelt fantastic, they were a bit... off. I get these knock-off versions now called Village Candles. They smell just as much, but you can still just tell they're not as good as Yankees. Unfortunately my bank balance love the knock-offs. The colourfulness of candles will always attract me to them. I bet you don't want to burn the ones you got.


  6. I love that you matched your candles to your room! It makes everything look very put together :)

  7. These all look so lovely! I love that you've colour coded them!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  8. I love Yankee candles! I wish I could afford to buy every one just to smell them! I only encountered them last christmas when they were bought for me as presents and I love them! I love the christmas cookie one and vanilla ones - so good! Great post and pictures! Abi :)

  9. These look so lovely, and I would do the same thing and get candles to match the room! :)

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  10. Can't get enough of Yankee Candles! :D

    When I move out I'm going to try and have certain scents for each room. :P

  11. Yankee candles are the best! I love almost all of their scents.
    Cleaning services Chelsea

  12. I absolutely love having candles around the house, I missed out on this last year for living in student halls as we weren't allowed to burn them at all! But I'm really excited to get back into it once I get my new flat next month! One of my favourites from Yankee is Fresh Cut Roses x

  13. lovely!!


  14. I love their air fresheners. They make my car smell amazing! x

  15. I love Yankee candles so much, especially the warm scents in winter time, it makes it feel so cozy to be indoors.

  16. I just love the concept of your blog. Your "about us" is so adorable. These candles look amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

    Diary of a Singer-Songwriter ♥


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