We thought: Life

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I'm not sure why I feel the need to write this post, I guess I don't, but it's almost following on from my previous Perfect V Reality. We have nothing to defend, yet I feel that it's time I put my personal opinion across based around the internet and that darn word, perfect.
When I started Little Winter, I was sure to point out in my first post that we aren't perfect, we're just normal people who do normal things. We argue about the washing pile, we pick our noses like kids and we certainly don't live a lavish lifestyle. I mean, it's incredibly lovely and humble that people think that we live in a beautiful world because 'our kitchen is perfect', but in reality, we are just like you and the rest of the world. It's so easy for us all to take things for granted and although we haven't lived a tough life compared to others, we too have suffered and lost only what we can deem the hardest we know. And with these heartaches and sadness, it has taught us to appreciate the simplest things. Those things that are standing right in front of us, so easily forgotten, yet things that really do make the world go round. I'd like to think that we don't always portray the perfect life on our blog, Twitter, Instagram and in fact, show the beauty of those simple things that we take for granted. I'd like to think that you can see we're just your average Joe's and don't go out every weekend with hoards of friends, we don't lay in swamps of money and we don't think we've got the best life ever. We just make our average life the best it can be.
I'm not a 'pretty' girl, I never have been nor will I ever. And I'm also not one of those hot girls, but I am a girl. I have my flaws and insecurities just like everyone else. The images that you see of me on my blog are few and far inbetween. You don't see my face all the time, because reality is that I don't look like that all the time. I do what you probably do, I scrape my hair up after work and I wear my lounge pants that could do with a wash. That rare face photo on Instagram? Yeah, I thought I was having a good day. That one good day out of many. Because I'm just your typical normal girl having the same kinda feelings and emotions as you.
Being told our house is perfect makes me happy. It truly does. But on the other hand it can also make me incredibly sad that people believe we live in this magical place. Of course, I am forever grateful that I have a mortgage to pay and a roof over my head at 25, but life isn't always what it seems. And I think it's so easy for all of us (us included!) to forget that, and believe that somebody with clean crisp photos doing things every single day is living the dream. Have you ever seen a picture of our kitchen sink? The garden? The answer is no, because there's dishes piling up alongside the sink, and there's overgrown weeds building up throughout the garden. 
The photos of Little B and I? Sweet huh? Have you thought about it, that this photo shows only few minutes from the rest of that day. We may look happy and 'oh so cute', and chances are that we were having a happy moment. But I can bet your bottom dollar that at some point in that day, we spent hours apart in different rooms. Doing what normal people do. Having alone time, because that's totally what we do (I do not understand why he does not like Catfish TV!) .
We're happy together, we are. And we have a nice time doing fun things, but like any relationship, we have our down times. Would it shock you if I told you that two years ago we nearly broke up? That as we packed up one house, we were ready to part? Or that I questioned marrying him last week because he brought me sundried tomato cous cous when he knows I really dislike cous cous? Or does it make you laugh? And relate-able? Cause that's exactly what we're like even if we don't second think about photographing ourselves mid argument over who's turn it is to hang the washing up (I hate that chore!)
I'll admit it, we don't have a hard life. We are truly lucky that we both have loving parents who are always there for us and a close group of friends but I'm not going to rule everything good that we have (apart from Little R - he deserves a heads up!) because we don't need to prove it to anyone. But regardless of everything you have, or do not have, it does not set each and everyone of us apart from another. Just like the rest of the world, we all find our feet, we all work hard for our future, and we all love, laugh and cry. We all have our issues and insecurities - hell, that time I sit there eating ice cream and raving about B&J? Chances are I'm feeling pretty rubbish about those thighs of mine. Little B always laughing it off that he wears his beanie everywhere? Man, he's secretly mortified that he's lost his hair so young.
We know that we will never be a 'Kooples couple' and we know that we will never be rich. But what we do know, is that we will just be us. We will live our life, like everybody else and we will continue to make the best out of everything that life throws at us. So we're sorry if we only photograph our good parts, but I think those snot stained lounge pants are really left best for just us two. Oh and visitors.

We live in a beautiful world, all of us and we need to try and remember that. Perfect is only a word, and only has the meaning of what you make it.

We liked: Our friends wedding

Sunday, 14 September 2014
Miss Selfridge Top & Skirt | Primark Bag | John Lewis Shoes | Burton Suit & Shirt | Primark Tie | Next Shoes

Weddings. They're full of love. And it's an incredibly nice thing. They're also full of wine and champagne and the perfect time to dance like you've never danced before. It's the only time you can really get dolled up, pop your hank into your suit pocket, don those sandals and fancy clothing and feel all smushy and in love. It's also the only time that I think whooping through speeches, Beyonce shaking at slow dances, bum flashing in photobooths and secretly filling up on champagne makes me invincible and demand it the best night ever. I took it all back the following morning (and three days after) when even a fry up couldn't sort me out. 
But in that day of our friends declaring their commitment to each other for the rest of their lives, for once in my life, it showed me that maybe marriage isn't all that bad and although people stare at you all day, it really doesn't matter. And that someday maybe Little B and I will be doing exactly the same, minus the above antics (although I can't actually guarantee it...) in a few years time. Love, it's a funny ole thing.

We liked: Appleyard Flowers

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Flowers. They are my ultimate favourite (as you've probably guessed by now) and I remember so well the first time that I ever received a bouquet of flowers. They were from my mama.
As a child I just couldn't ever understand why grown up's enjoyed flowers..They seemed almost un-usable, boring, and not even edible. But on that day I remember, when we moved into our first flat, my mama popped out to the car and returned with the most beautiful bunch of flowers. And they were for me. For me and my place.
Ever since that day, I have become incredibly fascinated with the beautiful colours and textures of these sweet smelling things that don't just grow in the garden, but flowers that can instantly change and uplift a room in so many ways. They can light up a persons bad day, bring comfort to terrible news, make rooms feel fresh and clean and most importantly show us how incredible every living thing in life is (ooh deep.).

When Appleyard London contacted me to see if I was interested in their Luxury Flowers, it's almost like they knew me too well, and with a floristry course booked in for next month, I just couldn't say no. The moment I hit the go button on their site, I was instantly drawn in with the perfectly put together displays and after much debate, I decided upon the Blueberry Muffin bouquet (who doesn't love blueberries!). It's clear to see that Appleyard really do take extra care with detail right from arranging the flowers to the delivery at your door. Although my flowers were left with a neighbour over the weekend (oops to me!) and some strands had to be picked out, the bouquet certainly sits pride of place on our telephone table making the entrance into our house so much more welcoming.
Appleyard are currently offering my readers 33% off their bouquets with the code GIFT33 - so if you feel like putting a smile on someone's face, brightening up a room in the house or just because you totally deserve it (amen!) then it's definitely worth a stop by. Flowers truly are a wonderful thing.

We dreamed: Basics with Joules

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

If there's one place that wins the award of swaying us towards the Winter (that is fast approaching - although HEY sunshine in September) then Joules have pretty much nailed it. Known for their rugged and hardwearing Gilets and the perfect Wellies with a twist - Joules have a lot to offer in the way of stocking up those much needed items for the cooler weather.
We're planning a weekend away in October with Little B's parents and with countryside walks and cosy lunches in the pub, I think it's time that I finally own some practical clothing. Some proper warm jumpers and some trusty shoes. The same applies for Little B. He's a fan of the cable knit jumper and although navy colours run throughout his wardrobe, this voilet coloured knit stuck out. Teamed with some denim jeans and our favourite colour boots (tan for the win!) these pieces are great from day to night. And with us being all "the couple's who dress together, stay together", this tan saddle bag seemed like the perfect item to bring our outfits together (because you know, we're like that!). Of course no wardrobe can be complete without a stripe knit (even if you have some, there is always room for more..) and this navy one is basically in one word, NIFTY. Yep, not only does it make for a snug boxy jumper, but can also be worn as a cardigan. Now that's what you call a timeless piece.
Joules, I think you have made us excited to begin our Winter wardrobe shopping... Now where did I put that Christmas list?