The doors opened, and you were immediately greeted by bright, bold patterns, various fabrics, textures and an array of colours. An army of dresses tucked up next to each other, each trying to stand out from the other, with collars peeking through the hangers, and long sleeves draped so delicately. All worn daily, weekly. And with stories to tell. A personality to show. Dress upon dress. Skirt upon skirt. And blouses upon blouses.
That was my wardrobe. In 2012.

And then, I grew up. I got lazy.
And I became a fan of the one thing I always had a fear of. Jeans.
I bought my first pair of jeans. The Topshop Leigh ones. I'm currently still on said jeans, and have since brought two more pairs. And I really like jeans.
Jeans just make an outfit easy.
Dinner with friends? Throw on some jeans and a top.
Few drinks after work? Jeans are perfect.
A shopping day on the weekend? Jeans are best for the changing room.
Late for work in the morning? I'll grab my jeans with a nice top. That'll do.
A date? Sure, jeans look like the happy medium.
Running errands? Pass me the jeans.

Jeans, just work.

But George have decided to rebel. They decided on wash day, when they panicked about wearing their not so favourite pair of jeans out, that we get too comfortable in our clothes.
So they set me a challenge. One week, no jeans.
Or so I thought.

The day this beautiful ditsy print dress* arrived (did you know that Erica is an actual fairy godmother?), I did have a moment. A moment of lust, where I forgot about my solid as a rock relationship with my jeans. And I sacked them off. No, I didn't even pick them up and tell them about my new love.
Instead, I waltzed out of my front door in my new dress, with a belt round my waist and these oh so lovely boots* that are the colour of chocolate, and make me want to eat them up, on my feet.
And I felt good.
I felt good in the sense that I swanned about for the day. I looked, how do I put it?
Trendy? The bomb? On point? FASHION GOALS?
Or maybe, I just felt good. Because I felt different. I was wearing a dress. I stepped out of my comfort zone from picking up my trusty (and not so black anymore) jeans, and wore things that I was always so fond of. And in that moment, I was ready for my challenge.
And the following morning, I got dressed. In said dress again (we're all human. We totally wear things two days running, some people even more..). And the following day, I wore a skirt.
And the day after that, I wore a different dress with my fancy cardigan*
And then the next day, I wore said dress, tucked into a skirt.

And then, I failed.

I didn't get up early enough. I didn't plan my outfit in time. I didn't feel quite so on point, or trendy. I felt rushed.
And I wore my jeans.
But having said that, in those few days of being challenged, it reminded me why I liked wearing jeans. Why making a little bit more effort in the morning of what you wear, can really make a difference to your day.
Dressing good makes you feel good.
So George, I may have failed this time. But I'm making it my mission as of now, to get up earlier at least three times a week and mix up my style.

Maybe next week... My bed just seems a little bit too cosy right now..

Five Happy Things


It's been a while since I did my Five Happy Things (we're talking the end of June - how  is that even so long ago?) and after a non stop few months with little sleep and a diary full of plans daily, with friends and loved ones, I wanted to pick out those small things that made me happy. The real minor details that mean nothing to most, but possibly so much to me.
They're the things that matter.

Pretty pyjamas. Summer is nice for minimal clothing in the bedroom, Winter is nice for feeling like a marshmallow in a cloud. But for me, Autumn is nicest when I can get home and pop on my silky pyjama playsuits, and throw on a snug knit as the evening draws in, feeling comfortable and content.

Cheese. Everyone knows I like cheese. No, everyone knows that me and cheese are a match made in heaven, but never has it had the mention it always deserves. The simplest and greatest pleasure of mine. This week, it totally is. Because cheese never lets me down - I'm looking at you in particular Camembert!

Heart to Hearts. I've always been an open person, as my friends know, but in the last year, I've been known to keep my problems to myself. That mention of a problem shared is a problem halved? It's totally true. And with long drives this week with my work pal by my side, having deep chats about life, feelings, decisions and insecurites, really does feel better when you're sharing it out loud. Conversations about sheep dancing, male escorts and wildest memories are also a fun way to spend five hours in a car.

Candles. Candle time is my favourite. Since moving, my candles have been left, unlit, waiting for these nights to draw in, itching to light the sweet smells and scents around the house. There is nothing quite like a night in with some Netflix, TV snacks (cheese you say?) and 500 candles letting off their minimal warmth. Maybe I should invest in a fire extinguisher this year...?

Content in my own body. This, as we all know, is a constant battle between myself, but right now, I feel OK about myself. I don't care so much that my hair is dark because it makes me have good eyebrows, I don't even mind that my bum wobbles because I buy nice knickers to hide the creases, and I haven't even thought about the bits I wish I could change. Because you know what? When you feel good in your own body, it really does make you stand taller (well, I try to stand tall...) and actually, who even has time these days to sit and pick ourselves to pieces? 
Not me right now. 

So I made a rule to myself.
To fret less.
And if there's anything I should be fretting about, it's how I'm going to manage Christmas shopping alone this year.

The London Life


It's no secret that I like to fill my weekends with friends. Most of my dates in my diary in fact, have names dotted throughout the week with dinner plans, lunch meetings and weekends spent away seeing those faces I just love to hang out with. And a few weekends ago, I hopped on a train with my Spotify playlist for company and a hot chocolate in my hand, and headed towards the bright lights of London to see a face I like in particular, Kim.
With my backpack in tow and feeling like a trendy hipster, I met Kim at the station, and the best way to start a weekend is by catching up over food. Of course. So we popped into a little Thai restaurant and spent Friday evening laughing over the last few months events whilst sipping on a glass of wine. That's how to do Friday.
As the light came in on Saturday morning, it was nice not to rush to go anywhere and instead drank tea in bed, looking at the London skyline through the window and debating if a denim jumpsuit was too much for Kim to wear and whether moving into a bathroom is totally OK these days.
You know you've got a good friend when they make you your favourite breakfast in the morning. After a lazy morning in bed, we got dressed ready for a day of adventure, and filled our bellies with potato waffles, rocket, bacon and avocado. Because THAT is what you should eat on a Saturday morning. And it's Gluten Free. Winner.
Saturday pretty much revolved around food, with a quick pit stop in Soho for a Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Macaroon! I'm not normally a fan of macaroons (I know, sorry!), but this was literally heaven. I could have eaten it again easily. But we had a date with Boohoo at The Apartment, before stopping by The Radison for a Matilda Themed afternoon tea. You betcha - Gluten galore too! Oh and Prosecco and Elderflower jelly is a hit.
With our little feet having walked what felt like miles, we stopped at the local shop on the way home for nibbles and drinks before changing into our pyjamas for a night of trashy TV and Pimms with a serving or two of fruit. It's nice to be able to spend time together with non stop talking - because sometimes Whataspp messages aren't always the easiest to explain things. Only drool at Kim's evening meals, which I can also confirm, taste incredible.
Sunday morning came round, and I didn't want to leave because not only is Kim's place a new hideaway of mine that I like - those white walls, and floorboards AND OH THE WINDOWS, but also because it's weekends like these that are my absolute favourite things to do. And I miss being able to see her face every other weekend. Saying that though, times like these are ones you always appreciate the most.
She's a good egg she is. She makes my favourite breakfast, lets me sleep in her bed next to her, has me giggling one minute and helping me decide on life dilemmas, and is an all round beautiful human.
Blogging, I thank you.