Those weekends

Those weekends

At the end of January, I packed up my backpack and hopped on a train to London to see Kim. People often ask what I'll be doing down there, but quite honestly, I go to London to visit my friend, and hang out. And if that means a weekend spent in our pyjama's then hell, book me the next train. It's nice to have the option to do the tourist things, but equally for me, I like catching up with my favourites, hanging out. That's what matters.
On Friday night we headed to Honest burger to load our stomachs with the best cooked chips and a few cheeky cocktails (and burgers of course!), before heading to the Ice Bar for something different to do. In all honesty, we were a little disappointed with it as it wasn't really what we expected - but hey, we tried it and still managed to end up tipsy. We tottered back to Kim's where we curled up and caught up on the past month before falling into the best sleep I'd had in weeks!
There is a reason Kim is one of my favourites, and part of that reason is because she makes my favourite breakfast - waffles! We spent Saturday morning drinking orange juice and tea, discussing the other species and laughing over failed dates, whilst in our pyjamas.
After a lazy morning, we freshened up and jumped on the tube to Carnaby Street for a potter around the shops, picking up a few pointless delights in Tiger before stopping for a cheeky lunch in Leon (because nothing beats their sweet potato and halloumi box. Winner!). We spent the early evening eyeing up all the beautiful windows and doors in Finsbury Park, dreaming of houses we'd like to own.
The best way to spend a Saturday night is with a garlic and rosemary cooked Camembert, some tapas dishes, home made hummus and prosecco. With good company, and some trashy TV. These are definitely my most treasured memories. Also, A+ spread!
Sunday morning came and went far too quickly for my liking, but with my ridiculously busy diary - I was up and on a train at 9am heading home for a Christening. I quietly woke little Kim as I said my goodbyes, picked up my headphones and hit play on Spottily as I left the bright lights of London and one of my ultimate best friends. Weekends seem to go far too quickly, but it makes me appreciate time spent with friends so much more.
If there's one thing you take away from this blog post it's this: next time you're in London, and you're walking.. Play The Pink Panther Theme Tune. I guarantee you smile. And if you're anything like me, you'll laugh that loud, that you don't even care if people look at you funny. If only they knew...
This is Me

This is Me

This is Katy Mitten in January (if a little on the tipsy side).

Katy Mitten is feeling pretty content right now, because she changed her attitude and outlook on life. Katy Mitten stopped worrying so much, she stopped putting so much pressure on herself on what she could and couldn't do and decided that you cannot simply please everyone.
She started to wear fitted dresses, and things that made her feel good, to boost the body that she was given, and she grew her nails and wore lipstick every day, because she could. She had her annual hair cut, and accepted that she was her and took her independence and kindness in her stride - accepting that these things, can be an attractive trait.
Katy Mitten said yes to everything, not from guilt, but because she wanted to and Katy Mitten filled up her diary leaving herself little time to just be. But she enjoyed this, she liked being around people who liked being around her. And Katy Mitten liked making people laugh, and buying her friends presents and flowers and just being a friend like she should. She liked drinking tea in bed with them and asking how their day had been.
And she started doing things for herself, what she wanted to do, because she knew that her own life was about her, and what she wanted from it. And by taking a step back in certain aspects of life, brought good things her way.

Katy Mitten liked this January already.

She also likes drinking wine in the week, accompanied with the soft sounds of Angus & Julia Stone, Oh Wonder and Damien Rice playing through the speakers whilst curling up on the sofa and getting lost in thought with Runkle.
Katy Mitten likes doing all of these things because they make her happy, and they make her realise that those things, the simple things that make her happy, are whats important.
They're what matter.
Doing what she simply enjoys, what gives her warmth in her heart and a friendly smile on her face.

Because that's what life should be like.

"The best things in life are not things."
Little Things

Little Things

Runkle has decided that since it's just me and him, he quite likes this set up. Because it means that he gets to decide where he spends the night on the bed. And you can bet your bottom dollar that he finds the middle of the bed the comfiest and most normally the opposite way to this. But as long as he's comfy, then I'll just squeeze in round the side....
Spending an afternoon around Rutland Water with the sun beaming down almost made me forget that it was January, until the cold air settled in at 3pm which brought me back to the start of the year. There is something so peaceful about listening to the sound of water gently hitting against the rocks, and one that I've become fond of in the last year. I like this peaceful time.
Weekend breakfasts are my absolute favourite, and even better when they're cooked by someone else. Considering me and avocado's are pretty close pals, I've never tried it on toast until this weekend. I can confirm that I am even more converted, making avocado and me basically best pals now. Accompanied with Ex On The Beach and endless cups of tea is how you should spend Sunday morning.
I've been a little slack on blogging, emailing and updating social media because January has full on taken over and although I've missed catching up on life with the people I've never met on the internet, but feel stupidly close too, it's been such a nice break to upload as and when I can, all whilst enjoying the hustle and bustle. And February's set to be even more chaos...
Just because I couldn't not include this photo. I mean, that face. It wins me over every single time.