We did: An indoor fort

Monday, 28 July 2014

Last week we wanted something to do that meant spending time together, without phones and TV (OK Netflix totally didn't count) but that didn't cost us a penny (apart from buying Camembert - because that's a must!) and so we decided to build a fort again. Like the one we did last year. Only this time more spacious - and white! We dug out all the spare duvet covers and sheets, and with the help of the sofa's and a handy broom, our fort was built.

We completed our little fort with cushions fairy lights (because yes, we still haven't gotten round to changing our living room light bulbs...)  and made sure the windows in the room were open to keep it cool. We popped on our trusty pyjamas from George at Asda (seriously.. they've never let us down. Ever! - We're already thinking of another pair!) and snuggled on in with Californication ready to begin on Netflix.

We like to do things backwards, and because we were super cosy (sleepy from the lighting) and engrossed into Californication, Little B had a quick rummage around the cupboards and found the best biscuits ever tucked away in the corner. We pretty much finished the whole packet in under an episode.

It was fairly late before we decided to eat, and a favourite of ours is tapas which Little B always does so well. We're fans of picky food, so this was ideal for us in our little fort. We paused the TV and spent that time talking about our week, and plans for the house, like grown ups do. Although I don't think grown ups spill Camembert..

The evening soon got the better of us when we realised it was the early hours of the morning, and Little R had already taken himself to bed. After contemplating sleeping here, we decided that our bed was always going to be much better (plus we can't handle sleeping on floors anymore!) and so we turned off all the lights and joined Little R. It was one of the simplest of things to do, but these kinda nights are always our favourite.

We liked: The Scented Candle shop

Sunday, 27 July 2014
Yankee Candles - Scented Candle Shop*

If there's one thing that this house has plenty of, it's candles. And that's not because we're all about saving our electricity (honestly, Papa G always said the house was like Blackpool with the amount of lights I left on..) but because we like that cosy feeling with dim lighting.. You know what we mean? Especially in the Winter months! Oh and the fact we're too lazy to change a lightbulb. I know, we're ridiculous..!
The Scented Candle shop kindly let us choose some Yankee's to try (add to the collection - guilty over here!) and looking back through my order, anybody would think that we're trying to add a touch of the beach to our house.

I guess you could say that I'm a little particular about our house, and my choices may or may not have been made in relation to the colours for specific rooms. So basically, YES I chose the Beach Walk candle because it would work well in our nautical themed bathroom and oh the Pink Sands looked perfect on the bedside table next to my blush coloured vases - however I can also admit that they both smell utterly amazing. Pink Sands has this incredible sweet scent through it with a touch of vanilla, making the room smell heavenly. Another favourite of mine is the Beach Flowers (I like a sweet smell as well as taste!) with hints of lily and hyacinth coming through, creating the perfect fresh scent. I love coming home from work to the smell of Yankee Candles lit around the house.

We liked: The simple things

Saturday, 26 July 2014
Little R's fascination with the sink. Such a simple thing in the house for most of us, yet a pretty amusing place for one in particular. He prefers it when the tap is running too - maybe it's his way of keeping cool. Funny chap.

Weekend mornings in the sunshine. I've become slack at replying to emails in the week, so on a weekend  it is my mission to sort through the inbox. Sitting at the kitchen table listening to the morning birds. It is bliss.

Pancake breakfast with pals. Having a busy diary catching up with the friends that mean the most, is best. Hanging out over breakfast is definitely the best way for a Sunday morning. Especially with syrup pancakes.

My little shadow. With being away this week, it's fair to say Little R has missed me because he will not leave my side at the moment. As soon as he sees me roll over in the morning, he is there by my side. I wouldn't change it.

Freshly picked Sweet Williams. Little B's mama picked me some Sweet Williams from her garden as I admired her collection in the kitchen. They took pride of place on the coffee table because they smell utterly amazing.

Evening dinners. We go through phases of having really tasty dinners every night in the week. Last week was one of them with lots of vegetables thrown in. We like vegetables a lot. And I like having a chef as a boyfriend.

We thought: Hey it's OK

Monday, 21 July 2014

To question where you're heading in life. Everybody has those days.
When you dance in the kitchen and genuinely believe that you are Beyonce.  Actually better than her.
To talk to your pet more than to people some days.
When your boyfriend brings you ice cream home and you secretly wished it was chocolate.
To take a bow of strawberries and jar of nutella  to bed. And label it dinner.
When you wipe the bathroom sink with a makeup wipe and think that the cleaning is done.
To wear the same dress for three days running. Seriously. We've all been there.
When you workout and then 'accidentally' forget to wash your hair. For three days after.
To think that maybe even the prettiest of girls have flaws. Maybe they don't keep their ladygarden kept?
To pretend you're a really busy person when in fact you're heading home to your pyjamas.
When things go pearshaped. They'r sent to try us. And we will beat them.
To not take outfit photos. Or any photos for that matter.
To leave flowers in the vase a week after they should have been thrown away.
To favour those big style panties over french knickers. We all need comfort sometimes.
To cry. At absolutely nothing. But cry a lot. Like a real lot.