We thought: Hey it's OK

Monday, 21 July 2014

To question where you're heading in life. Everybody has those days.
When you dance in the kitchen and genuinely believe that you are Beyonce.  Actually better than her.
To talk to your pet more than to people some days.
When your boyfriend brings you ice cream home and you secretly wished it was chocolate.
To take a bow of strawberries and jar of nutella  to bed. And label it dinner.
When you wipe the bathroom sink with a makeup wipe and think that the cleaning is done.
To wear the same dress for three days running. Seriously. We've all been there.
When you workout and then 'accidentally' forget to wash your hair. For three days after.
To think that maybe even the prettiest of girls have flaws. Maybe they don't keep their ladygarden kept?
To pretend you're a really busy person when in fact you're heading home to your pyjamas.
When things go pearshaped. They'r sent to try us. And we will beat them.
To not take outfit photos. Or any photos for that matter.
To leave flowers in the vase a week after they should have been thrown away.
To favour those big style panties over french knickers. We all need comfort sometimes.
To cry. At absolutely nothing. But cry a lot. Like a real lot.

We Stayed: Brighton Heights Number34

Sunday, 20 July 2014

It seems to be a little tradition that we've made where we always end up in Brighton around Little B's birthday (we like our traditions!) and this year was no different. With Big Little C moving there in the Summer we joined forces with my parents and headed down for a weekend of fun (more on that soon).
We wanted somewhere quirky to stay, somewhere that was warm, and homely and after browsing through AirBnB, we chose this idyllic house which went above and beyond all our expectations.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by the smell of candles and the most beautifully displayed shelves complete with flowers (I was in heaven already!). Our host, Peter welcomed us in and gave us a quick tour before giving us the lowdown on all the things we needed to know during our stay.

We stayed in the Silver room, because you know, home from and home and all that... where the walls were white, the floorboards were white (I am craving natural floorboards super bad!) and THAT fireplace. It was basically the dream. And incredibly warm and inviting. This was when I began to think my options to how I could move in..

The attention to detail was perfect, with dinky little images of their cats in frames, and flowers dotted all over the house. Within moments we felt at home, slightly wishing that we could spend the rest of the day here, laying in that incredibly inviting bed, with a hot cup of tea and some netflix (but alas we had plans!).

The following morning when we finally forced ourselves out from the incredibly comfortable bed and were all dressed and ready to, we headed into the gorgeous kitchen to grab some breakfast. With the hosts being vegans, we were offered muesli, yoghurt and pastries (which were totally perfect for us!) and a choice of homemade jams. Sadly once we'd eaten, we packed up our belongings and left what we thought was one of the most homely places we've ever stayed. Number34 you did good. And we'll be back!

We did: Being better

Wednesday, 16 July 2014
When it comes to a new year and those famous resolutions involving the healthier option, fitter route and just generally being better you can bet your bottom dollar that most people have this in mind. Admitedlly we don't, but that's only because we're certain that we'll fail. And as usual we like to do things differently - and six months down the line we've finally decided that actually, things do need to change around here.
Whenever we mention eating better, getting fitter, there will always be one person quick to judge why we feel the need to 'because we're tiny'. Personally (note personally), I am not as slim as people may believe (doesn't mean I can photoshop, mind!) and put it all down to dressing well for my shape. My hips and thighs are fairly big.. But you wouldn't always notice that about me right? Clothing is a funny one really, and what you see on the outside, isn't all what you see hiding underneath (hey I'm not a hairy monster though...!). So please, don't judge.

We used to be pretty terrible for dinners, opting to eat huge dollops of nutella on crumpets but since Little B has a regular job we've been fairly good (apart from the occasional evening when Domino's send us emails with offers.. we can't help it!). We've always eaten a good amount of fruit and veg, but never enough. We're trying to favour fruit over chocolate most days (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...) and buying sweet fruits is certainly helping to satisfy that incredibly sweet and snacky tooth of mine. I'm still keeping with my smoothie every morning, and our evenings are spent cooking something tasty together which helps. We like food, and that's all there is to it.

I don't drink enough, and that's a known fact for years (hand me snacks over water anyday), but I am fully aware that it's a huge part of our life which we almost take for granted I guess. I like the taste of drinks (unless it's a tequilla or sambucca...) but felt that water was getting a little, dare I say it, boring. And after trying some cucumber water, I knew where I wanted to be. I wanted cucumber in my drink. Like I used to as a child (when I was a little one and we went on holiday, all I'd eat was cucumber at dinner. By the plateful FYI!). I'm still trying to drink more than I used to.. We're working on it.

So, we started running a few months ago. I bought brand new trainers and everything. Yeah. It lasted three days.  We kinda don't mention it anymore.. But last night Little B and I tied up our laces as soon we got in from work, and ran. We ran to the nearest park where we had a typical Bridesmaids moment and decided to imitate what a personal trainer was doing. We busted out some squats, sit ups, star jumps and lunges until my uncomfortable panties annoyed me, where we then walked the long way home. And actually, I enjoyed this. Apart from the hair washing situation. But that's a completely different matter...

We liked: Things about this weekend

Monday, 14 July 2014

Things we liked about this weekend.
1. Catching up with friends, who we may not see as much yet somehow still mean so much more to us and time spent with them is precious. And perfect.
2. Relaxing at the kitchen table in the evening with some strawberries and iced tea, replying to emails and choosing the week's meals.
3. The affection Little R showed us on Sunday evening when we came home for the weekend was too adorable to handle. He is a funny one.
4. Watering the plants in the garden with the cool breeze as the evening begins to set in, is pure bliss.
5. Housework. For once I enjoyed the fact we had a tidy and clean house and with that makes a fresh mind. Ready for the following week.
6. Our new orchid sitting proudly in the bedroom. And so far it's alive. It makes me smile.

Blog posts we liked this week.
1. Blue October - Alyssa  Just because. That dress. Those shoes. The hair. A simple yet perfect Summer outfit.
2. Charlotte's Web - How to Survive Yeah it's OK to cry into a bag of Doritos over life things. In particular, men.
3. Lisette Loves - Hummus Lisette likes hummus. We like hummus. Lisette writes hummus recipe. That is all.
4. It's Cohen - Just 20,000 People Festival styling at it's finest. Styled by a pretty sassy woman at that too.
5. Being Little - Goodbye Granny The most beautifully written piece about a truly incredible lady. 
6. Emmerliejay - Breakfast at Bills Because breakfast at Bills is the best way to spend a weekend. Enough said.