We liked: The Simple Things


With Winter safely arrived (and very quickly), we've pulled out the gravy and opted for Winter casseroles twice a week. Because piling all the vegetables from the fridge into a big pot of warm gravy and leaving it in the oven for a few hours is the best thing about those dark evenings. And the smell as you arrive home, oh that smell.
Little R has finally realised that it's getting chillier, and decides that sleeping on the landing isn't that snug. There's always a race as to who can make it to bed first, and he seems to be winning at the moment. Sometimes I wish that I had his life. His food is always there for him, he gets pampered AND gets to sleep all day. I am jealous.
Most of this month has been spent hidden under the duvet due to the office bug and food intolerances (we're still working that one out) and if anything good has come from it, we've learnt to take things a little easier. We made plans not to make plans recently and enjoyed an ultimate lazy morning. With the sun shining too, it was bliss.
I think the award for the most beautiful Christmas decorations goes to Laura Ashley. A few weeks ago I popped along to their #HandmadeChristmas event which well and truly got me feeling festive and ready to embrace all things sparkly (it's the only time I'll allow for sparkles - sorry!) It also taught me that I really am super uncreative, and the kitty thought so too, when I woke to find my handmade headpiece had been eaten by him. Oh cat life.
Seeing these two ladies a few weeks ago was just delightful. Little Jazzpad never fails to make me smile, and just gets me. We always have such a wonderful time and can catch up till the cows come home (yes, I totally said that). It was also my first full time hanging out with the ever so sassy Miss Cohen, who is officially awesome.
It was my nana's birthday last week, so I put those floristry fingers to use again and attempted another tablepiece. For only supermarket flowers and greenery from the garden, I don't think I've done such a bad job (although I'm sad that I couldn't save the hessain from last time). My nana was pretty pleased which is the main thing.

We wore: Urban Outfitters Underwear


Boobs. Or breasticles as one likes to call them, are thought about daily, especially when there's no better feeling than taking your bra off at the end of the day (or within seconds of closing the front door - true story!). With only hand sized breasticles I want to say that it's not a struggle buying bras compared to some ladies, however in the last year or so I am a completely unknown cup. I'm not as small as an A, nor as big as a C and B's? They don't fit right either. Until I got one of the Triangl bra's in an XS, and well, it was like a match made in heaven.
BUT one bra isn't enough.. I mean, I'm a girl with two underwear drawers (yes, I have those pants that I never ever wear, but y'know, you just don't know when you may need them. For safekeeping. Although you will NEVER wear them. ever.) and so I set out looking for something new. And Urban Outfitters made my dreams come true.
During the opening of their latest store in Leicester, I spent a fair few hours debating whether an unpadded bra would do the trick. After a few nibbles (yes food, not nipples) and browsing through the rails, armed with an array of bra's, I headed for the changing rooms. Quite literally within minutes of trying on this bralet, my prayers had been made and my breasticles were dancing, especially considering I'd been after a bralet for ten hundred years that didn't have wires, making sitting down a difficult task. Not this one - it was comfortable. With a capital C.
The fit is absolutely perfect with the beautiful lace detailing and the flattering long line structure. There is underwire to keep everything in place and no flapping about with fastenings, making this bralet easy on (or off) in one swift movement (unless you just can't do sexy undressing like yours truly...!).
So thank you Urban Outfitters, I think it's fair to say that you have converted me to the world of unpadded bralets and beautifully laced designs. And my breasticles are certainly pleased about this too.

We did: Floristry workshop


Like a lot of people (I was incredibly surprised that many others feel like this..), I'm currently at that 'OHGAWD, where do I go with my life from here' stage. My papa always told me to try something, and if I didn't like it, try something else. That's pretty much been my motto in life - with jobs piling up on my CV and a variety of experiences and skills under my waisted belt, however I hadn't quite found that one thing. That one thing that you crave to be doing day and night, feeling creative towards it and wishing for that one thing to never end. Until I booked onto a floristry workshop at the beginning of October with my chum Claire. And since then, I cannot explain just how incredible that afternoon was. And so utterly inspiring.
I've always been a fan of flowers (who isn't?) and have spent many (really, many!) years declaring that this is the year I will work in a florist shop. We pulled up outside this quaint little cottage in Melton and were greeted by a wonderful lady called Susan. She welcomed us in and within minutes we felt completely at home drinking perfectly brewed tea with a drop of local milk and eating some tasty biscuits on the table.
After an introduction on flower arranging, a list of suppliers and another good brew, we popped on our aprons (the excitement was too much!) and were presented with some flowers, foliage and our resources. We'd opted to take the Vintage Table Centre Workshop which was most definitely up our alley and even got a sweet rustic pot to arrange with!
I cannot quite explain how lovely the afternoon was, and have quickly discovered that flower arranging is incredibly theraputic and most certainly calming. We learnt the best way to wet an Oasis, that messy hessian is best and just how soft Eucalyptus smells. Susan reassured us that there is never a right or wrong way to arrange.
The dreamboat Claire had chatted to Susan prior to our workshop about colours we liked for our bouquets, and with her describing my house as very 'neutral', Susan did a perfect job of choosing these beautiful white roses. I was in utter heaven (and she even let us take our leftovers home - win!).
The afternoon was spent talking about quite literally everything, and from only knowing Susan for a few hours, Claire and myself left her company realising that there is always something out there for everyone. As we were told "If you're lost, you'll never quite be lost forever. You will always find your way back". There has never been a truer saying than that. She is so right. Plus, a lady who has two cats that are over 18 years old, must be doing something right huh?
After nearly four hours of arranging, plenty of sweet tea and lots of laughter and chatting, our centrepieces were complete and we honestly couldn't have been happier. From such a calming course with a lovely atmosphere, we literally beamed from ear to ear. Whilst we added finishing touches and tidied up after ourselves, Susan was busy in her kitchen creating a spectacular afternoon tea - think the biggest cream cakes and tasty homemade brownie you have ever seen! And although we most definitely outstayed our welcome (we couldn't help it, we were having the best time!), Susan was the perfect host and has definitely left a huge impact on how both myself and Claire feel about the future.
Who knew that booking a florist course would have us rethinking huge life changes?