We made: Chocolates with DotComGiftShop

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A few years ago, I baked my first cupcake and then I became obsessed. So obsessed that I started a cupcake business with a friend. It lasted 3 months and I gave up. Since then, I have only baked sweet treats on the rare occasion (note, when I'm really begged). So when I spied these chocolate moulds* on Dotcomgilftshop, I decided that maybe it was time for homemade baking again. And because who doesn't love a good chocolate? A flavoured chocolate in particular!

These chocolates are incredibly simple to make, so simple that I really shouldn't claim them as a recipe at all (and the fact that you can buy honeycombe and oreo chocolate in the shops anyway!), but the fact they're 'handmade' makes it that little more enjoyable - so we think anyway! To make these delicious bites, you will need:
Milk Chocolate (plain chocolate is best.. And we prefer Cadburys!)
White Chocolate
Oreo's Or any other biscuit of choice
Dr Oetker's Eton Mess
Double Cream
Cocoa Powder (optional)
Firstly add boiling water to a pan, and place on the hob till it begins boiling. Whilst this is warming, break up your chocolate into pieces. For measurements, I used two squares per mould (sometimes this leaves with you a little more and sometimes with a little less). Add this to a bowl, and place on top of the pan. The best tip I was given, is to not continuously stir it! Wait until it's fairly melted before stirring it and taking it off the heat.

Once your chocolate is melted, in another pan heat up your cream. When the cream is heated add a splash to the chocolate and stir. In a bowl I crushed up the oreo biscuits till they were crumb like and then stirred them into the mixture. Divide into the moulds and pop into the freezer until set. And that, my friends, is it.The most simple (and probably not really a recipe-like) way of making chocolate.
I made four sets of chocolate, with the most favourite being white chocolate Eton Mess - these went down such a treat!
I cannot recommend the Dr Oekten new sprinkles enough - they have Lemon Meringue, Eton Mess and Banoffee Pie which are ultimate dreamy mixed in with chocolate! They make the perfect little gift for family, popped into a paper bag with ribbon and if you made enough like us, then there's plenty to keep for yourself too. We popped them into this adorable Glass Jar* and placed in the fridge to pick at every so often. Delicious!

So without Dotcomgift shop, we wouldn't have re-found our love for homemade goodies. The chocolate moulds* are the perfect size for bite-size chocolates and I am in love with the extremely cute Japanese dipping bowls* which make it so much easier for all the ingredients. I think it's fair to say that we'll be adding a bag of these to all our Christmas presents this year...!

We lived: Christy Home Bedding

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Have you ever wondered what kind of bedding the queen probably sleeps on? No? Well, I have.. And I finally think I have found the answer. She sleeps on Egyptian Cotton sheets with enough room to hospital corner the edges. She likes a square pillow with enough cushion to rest her busy head and she also sleeps like an absolute baby. So I think anyway, because that's how I feel right now. All thanks to Christy Home.

If there's one thing that we're not lacking in our home.. it's bedding. My mama always comments on how much bedding we own (note, also buy every other month..) and are partial to a fresh new bed set (we do wash and re-use FYI, we're not THAT bad!). But since a fairly big box landed on my doorstep, our lives feel different. We sleep better and we know that no other pillow is ever going to compete with the ones Christy Home do. Ever.

You know when you're in a hotel, and you're half asleep, feeling really cosy, sleepy and so happy to be resting that head on the pillow, and then you move, making the bedsheets crumple and that crisp noise happens, making you sigh, like a comforting sigh of happiness? Well, this  Santiago Bed Set is that moment right there. But over and over again. Those freshly plumped pillows that never seem to crumple, have us wishing away the early evening for bedtime and the crispness of the duvet brushing past the linen bed sheet makes us never want to leave our bed in the morning. Completed with a a soothing scented reed diffuser by the side of the bed has only added to our calm and relaxing bedroom. And as for Christy Home in general? I think they have converted us to the life of the thread count..

We liked: This weekend

Sunday, 21 September 2014
This weekend we made a pretty tasty breakfast for Little B's family and us. It was also the perfect excuse to use my new milk jug that Little B finds pointless. Turns out that actually, it is so much better as decoration only. At least it looks nice on the shelf..

This weekend we had Little B's parents to stay which always makes me cheery because we're fans of having people over to stay. It also gives us the kick up the bum to make sure the house is completely spotless! And those towels are clean and smelling fresh.

This weekend we took a walk around Wicksteed park. It brought back childhood memories for us remembering where the old slides were and how much bigger everything looked. Whenever I visit there, I always love to come and see my little nan's old house.

This weekend Little B and his papa went to play golf, so his mama and I did a spot of shopping. Pink isn't my colour.. but it seems that this weekend, pink was my colour. And I've also become a bit fond of leopard print.. I blame my mama for this!

This weekend, instead of dinner out on Saturday night, we opted for a Mexican themed night in and the chance to completely catch up and giggle. We'd planned to watch a movie after, but with too much wine, we soon fell asleep! These kind of nights are the nicest.

This weekend was really lovely. Although we like to be busy, it's also nice to not make plans but still get lots done. We spent it walking around parks, eating brunch in coffee shops, drinking lots of wine, relaxing at Sunday lunch with both of our parents in the pub, pottering around the garden and enjoying the best company. Little R on the other hand.. He ate lots, caught many flies, and slept. I think we'll all sleep well tonight.

We wore: Autumnal Vibes

Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn comes with such full force compared to Summer. With Summer you are slowly eased in of the warmer months, taking layer upon layer off, one day at a time. Autumn however has been hiding round the corner, and suddenly those strappy tops and shorts are good no more, replaced by knitwear and boots. The evenings draw in quicker and the temperature drops knowing that fairly soon the Christmas countdown is on.

 Sugarhill Boutique Jumper* | Primark Skirt | Quiz Boots* | Fossil Watch* | Primark Socks

I like a good jumper me (she says, with only roughly three) and spent last Winter wearing my beloved Zoe Karssen Bat one to death, so when I spied this Midnight Sweater, I knew that it was going to be another clingy relationship. And so far, it totally has. It has won my heart (still love you ZK, but this one has more room for pies and things!) and with it's slouchy feel, those weekends are all that more better. I'm fairly certain that Little B has even been eyeing it up.. He'd have to fight me for it first!

Actually, saying that, Little B has also been eyeing up my new Fossil Watch too thinking it the perfect unisex watch, till he tried it on. And realised that it's far more feminine than he thought. I'm pleased, because I don't wish to share it with him.. Unless it means him carrying it around after my weak wrists cannot handle the weight of it anymore. Yep, that's right. Glamorous chunky watches make for sore wrists. Fashion, it really is a funny old thing.

H&M Shirt | River Island Jeans | Sarenza Trainers 

When Little B said he was going to put on his orange shirt, I remembered this awful checked thing, that was a little on the baggy side. Fast forward two years (WHAT, you mean, he kept it for that long? Yup!) and in fact, it's not quite so bad anymore. Maybe it is true, that sometimes you can also grow into your clothes (pretty sure, I'm going the other way... Too much good food around!) and I think Little B made the right decision keeping it. I guess you could say he was just getting ahead of the trend.. That's what he likes to think anway.