We liked: Things about the weekend

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Things we liked about the weekend.
1. Having no reason to rush out the front door with plans (for once this was perfect)
2. Taking time to make delicious breakfasts and chatting over a fresh mug of coffee
3. Catching up with my gorgeous little cousin over a few too many cocktails and having many many giggles about the past. And talking about the future. The best kind of evenings.
4.. Watching Little R enjoy the birdbath in a new place. He spends many hours lazing on it.
5. Finishing our upcycled telephone table and sitting at it in the evening. Just because we can.
6. Spending a Saturday night curled up on the sofa and taking part in the TV gameshows. Because, that's cool.
7. Packing (well kinda) for our holiday! That is all.

Blog posts we enjoyed this week.
1. Ghostparties - Home Tour & Update. Utterly beautiful. We're already planning on how we can move in.
2. Katherine Louise - Tan Leather. Have you ever seen anyone rock tan leather as good as Kat? Nope, me neither!
3. A Rosie Outlook - Wrist Candy. That watch and anchor bracelet though. And those gorgeous photos.
4. Kirsty Wears - Motel Rose. A perfect dress on a pretty perfect little lady with ideal background scenery too.
5. Sarah Nunn - Tailored. A simple yet absolutely beautiful look. And those legs though!
6. Sweet Monday - Bretown Newtown. If any post will give you food and lifestyle envy, it's this one.
7. Girl In The Lens - Wallflower. Because it got us excited for our holiday to Ibiza. Oh and she looks a babe.
8. Lily Loves Lola - Road Trip Part 2. Showing us that England ain't all so bad - look at those views. And that cottage!
9. The Little Magpie - Friday Night Outfits. This whole look. And that face. That is all.
10. Carrie Brighton - All Change. Proving that change can be good, and positive. She also has lush hair!

We wore: Simple colours

Monday, 18 August 2014

Expressing our love for monochrome on our last outfit post hasn't swayed us to add much colour to outfits lately. We seem to have fallen into the trap of those basic colours, you know the ones, the blacks and greys and navy's and tan's. I mean you just can't go wrong with them and they never let you down. Not ever. Especially not this jacket of mine either. Chances are it'll be walking places on it's own soon enough!

 River Island Top | Primark Skirt | New Look Boots & Jacket | LYDC Bag* | Olivia Burton Watch

As you've probably noticed on this little site of ours, seeing myself in something strappy or showing upper skin, is rare. Incredibly rare. So it's almost a little shock that I picked up this River Island top a few weeks back with it showing some shoulder, and dare I say it, a little corner of my chest. You see, upon realising that most of my wardrobe isn't practical for any form of beach holiday, I kinda panicked and after debating it for quite some time (I feel sorry for my friend who sat in that changing room waiting for me...), the option of buying this top was non existent. I needed it really. Oh and the skirt? I didn't need that. But it went fairly nice together. 

 River Island Polo | Topman Jeans | Daniel Footwear Boots* | Daniel Wellington Watch

Little B thought that for a dash round Asda and running errands, I was looking smart (or dapper as he described me...). This probably was the case, but sometimes it's just nice to. I used to always dress pretty smart, but since owning jeans I've become slack and with us heading to Ibiza, I thought that this skirt wouldn't get any use (there ain't much skin on show in this skirt honey!) so yeah. I wore it. And with that, Little B decided to pop on his beloved Chelsea boots. It's like they say -  if you can't beat them, join them?

We liked: Relaxing

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Relaxing. Is a funny one. On a Monday morning I sit at my desk and dream of how my weekend will be such a relaxed one, lazing about and having time to kill. Popping into the kitchen to retrieve items from the fridge occasionally, drinking delicious smoothies and catching up on life. However, my Friday I begin to worry if no plans have been made for the weekend, and think up places we can visit, things that need doing.
You see, that's how perculiar I am. I like the idea of relaxing, but I deem it a 'waste of a weekend'. Life is incredibly short (I'm sure I was only 12 a few years ago....) and it seems that I want to cram as much in as possible. I guess you could look at it in a good way, making the most of everything and what not (yes, cramming in as much as possible does sometimes mean pottering around the shops. It counts OK!) but sometimes, just sometimes maybe it is time to stop and appreciate having nothing to do. And take time out for yourself. I tried it. It was difficult but I tried.

I had an afternoon all to myself. Little B was out with friends playing golf, and little R was terrorizing the butterflies in the garden (I know, I've tried having words..) so I grabbed some snacks from the fridge (a good start if you ask me), poured a cold Fanta into a glass and headed upstairs to the freshly decorated spare room. For those first five minutes I was super prepared and ready for this, grabbing my favourite light read, turning on my most listened to Spotify playlist and opened the window letting in the warm air. I was ready to do this. I decided to paint my toenails, scroll through Twitter, catch up on blogs and browse Pinterest. Then I read some of my book. I was doing this, I was being relaxed and kind of enjoying it. Thinking that a good few hours had gone by, I looked at my clock and realised that 34 minutes had passed. THIRTY FOUR MINUTES. Was that it? Now what? I was bordering on fidgety by this point (I'm a fidgety kinda gal) but I persisted. For another 21 minutes. And then. I gave up. Got dressed and decided that I needed to visit Asda. And then see a friend, and then do some baking. Maybe I am just not the relaxing kind?
Was I slightly bored? A little. Will I be doing it again? Possibly. Do I regret it? No.

We lived: Inside our guest bedroom

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Our spare bedroom had become a place to store those things that were sitting in boxes un-used but couldn't quite get rid of, heaps of books and anything else that didn't fit in with the rest of the house. The jumble room basically. So when Laura Ashley contacted us about doing up a room for their blog, it was essentially the kick up the bum that we needed - and we are eternally grateful. Because we now have the most relaxing of rooms (yes, this one beats our bedroom in terms of relaxing!) and we are utterly in love (yes, I say that all the time!).

We toyed with the idea of turning it into an office and then a man room (I wasn't keen on this one) and then somewhere to chill out, and after agreeing that we have guests a fair amount, we decided to keep the bed and make it as relaxing as possible but still practical. Little B really didn't want another room in the house white (I can't help it, I like white!) so we agreed on a soft grey tone - keeping it neutral but with the option to add colour.
After much debate, we finally saw the back end of our bookcase and replaced it with this sideboard that we upcycled and are totally in love with! The knobs are from Ebay (there is a huge selection available!) and we're pretty pleased with the outcome. We're already painting up some more!

Keeping with the simple theme, we stuck to white bedding and added the grey with this gorgeous throw and cushions (honestly, this throw is literally the cosiest - ask Little R!) and decided instead of putting up photos (partly because we're so indecisive) we'd make the most of the guest towels and display these. Ooh it makes me feel like a true grown up (and maybe I'm pretending to be a B&B owner..?) but I love the look of them hanging so gently. AND they work perfectly next to my beloved Bell Jar which I picked up for a bargain £8!

 Since decorating the spare room, it has become the perfect place to chill out in. I still get that little buzz every time I get to the top of the stairs and see it in the corner of my eye, looking all ready and waiting for guests and of course there is always a fresh bunch of flowers in the room whenever we have people to stay. Because to me, that's what makes it the most inviting. The final things that we're planning to add to this room is a small ladder at the end of the bed complete with a bedside lamp and ornaments, and we're debating a picture wall above the bed. Just to complete the feel of the room. But for now, we're pleased as punch!

Argos Bedding | Upcycled Sideboard | Laura Ashley Towels, Jar and Alarm Clock | Boundary Mill Bell Jar
Laura Ashley Grey Cushion | Primark Cushions | Wilko's Voils | B&M Mirror, Throw & Clock | Ikea Plant