John Lewis Edit

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Last month I did something that I've never done before, and headed to London (OK I've been to London many a times) for a pretty scary evening to say the least. So it wasn't exactly scary, ghost-like scary, more nervewracking if anything because if you're like me, you probably rope your most beloved into taking your outfit photos and the only audience you get is either your cat (or dog) or the birds in the trees. However, I popped that aside and braced myself for an evening with John Lewis for their Blogger Edit. And just to throw the towel in, the week I was selected was for Sports Luxe (all I can do is thank Pinterest at this moment for their utter inspiration boards to help me!) - and well in the words of my mum who couldn't have put it any better "What, YOU? You might look like Sporty Spice, but you certainly can't run like her! Do you have to wear a sports bra?".

I'm putting my hand up here, and declaring that I am ultra unfit, and not only did the thought of having my photograph taken by a photographer, wearing made up, and being pampered too scare me, but having to style a look that is completely out of my comfort zone made me a super nervous nelly right until I was standing on the blue backdrop. Actually, I'm still slightly quivering now..
The girls who worked for John Lewis were lovely and showered us with some fizz (not literally mind!), advice and helped us (definitely myself) relax a little and admitedlly after spending an hour in the company of their clothes, I came to learn that John Lewis isn't just about the beautiful homeware I thought it was. Infact they did some pretty awesome clothes. And Sports Luxe? It's definitely not all about what I imagined... It's cool, AND comfortable.

This is probably my favourite outfit of them all (so much so that it's now sitting nicely in my wardrobe!) and although I'm warming to trousers lately, this gave me that last push I needed to realise that my thighs don't look so bad. Of course I love a slouchy top, and I did opt for the bigger size, because when there's cupcakes to be eaten - food rules over tight fitting clothes anyday of the week for me.

I was drawn to this dress because of the collar (you know I love a good collar) and seeing the model wearing it loose made me itch to style this. Sadly my short legs didn't agree, but teamed with lovely Laura's belt and those oh so dreamy (and super comfortable!) shoes, proved to myself that Sports Luxe could still be sharp.

My third outfit was completely out of my comfort zone, but embracing the look I went for it (even if I had a dilema on how to hold a handbag?!) and decided that flat shoes are ultimate weekend winners. When the girls mentioned how natural I looked in this, a little warm glow came over me and at the time I was like YEAH I can rock this. Looking back? I think I'm best sticking to dresses!

I am actually incredibly grateful to John Lewis for opening my eyes to their clothes, and also a trend that I thought was impossible for a little twee girl like myself. Plus pushing myself to attend The Edit also meant I got to meet and hang out with some pretty awesome girls - Laura who is an absolute beaut and gave me utter style envy of THAT leopard dress, Sheree is hilarious and someone I most certainly want to hang at a party with, and of course Lucy who had such confidence and style behind the camera (making it look dead easy!). I guess there's worse ways to spend a Wednesday evening.. and missing that train didn't bother me one bit - I was on a high too much!

Yellow Spring

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ever Ours Dress | New Look Boots | Olivia Burton Watch

I don't like to be that gal who says it but you know what, I'm so going to.. This weather is just a bit delightful (at this present moment in time) and it definitely called for those legs to be out on full show, because I am officially so over tights. Like so over them that I've hidden them (although for once I remember where they're hidden!).
And with that obviously calls for some prancing about in the yellow fields, I mean seriously, how else would you want to spend your Saturday afternoon? It's always a toss up between afternoon tea with plenty of nice cake or attempting to be fit in the fields. I say attempting quite loosely, because as we've already established before, I am unfit and ridiculously struggle to get up the stairs without having to take a break before continuing my day.

But alas, I turned down that cake for once, and went for a small stroll enjoying the rare sneeze free moment whilst eyeing up those yellow fields. In nothing more than a pretty dress. And I can assure you that by the end of the walk, the dress became not only monochrome, but with hints of yellow too. I heard that pops of neon were in, and with DIY being in.. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Not so great when it's not your own dress though....

Living with a Chef

Thursday, 10 April 2014

As told by Little Me
- Being without said chef boyfriend. Most of the time.
- Mentioning living with a chef to a pretty standard reply of "Oooh, you MUST get lots of lovely meals at home then." Nope. He works every night.
- Running commentary on the rare dinner dates out together.
- The remains of said chef boyfriends dinner the night before consisting of; 3x packets of crisps, 2x chocolate biscuits and the packet of cakes.
- Those lonely lonely nights apart. And seeing the cat more than said boyfriend.
- One very passionate and thorough said chef boyfriend. In more ways than one - think DIY quickly? Nope it needs to be thorough. And perfect.
- Sometimes (most times) very tired and sleepy on the famous one day off a week treat.
- Lack of comminucation for up to eight hours in a day - usually resolved with notes around the house with messages to pass on to each other.
- Impromptu shopping buys because Balsamic Vinegar and that new squeezy Condensed Milk is pretty important...
- Attending couple evenings alone, and being quizzed on the real status of said chef boyfriend. Who they've never met.
- Making the most of limited time together by always doing something different and appreciating it hugely.
- Content with simple pleasures including chilled nights in with a good takeaway.

Life Lately

Tuesday, 8 April 2014
Sundays are made for the nicest breakfasts, and this Sunday consisted of jam croissants and fresh orange juice. Finished up with a cup of tea and the most delicious strawberries of the week.

I like boxes. Like a lot. And because I'm messy, Little B bought me some new ones in the hope that I'll tidy up after myself. So far the pretty boxes have won. For now anyway.

On Saturday I spent a lot of time behind the camera, and it was fun. Although I've got the shakiest of hands, I don't half love taking a good photo and seeing the end result with a feeling of pride.

My perfumes are running low (it's been a few months already), and I couldn't help but pick up this beautiful scent. I think I've officially done a round on all the Next perfumes. I just can't decide my favourite..

 Our kitchen is not our favourite place, and whilst we're dreaming of those sage walls, cream cupboards and wood worktops, for now we're decorating the fridge. It makes eating from it even more fun.

I am not a cat lady. I just like cats. And cat pyjamas. And cat slippers..