A weekend in Cheltenham

At the beginning of March, I was invited to enjoy a weekend away at one of the Mecure Hotels.. Although it didn't specifiy this was more of a couples thing, I'm pretty sure that they were a little disappointed when I informed them I was bringing my Mama instead. And no, we didn't want twin beds, a double is always best! Little B struggles to get weekends off, and me and Mama hadn't had a weekend together in such a long time so it seemed like the perfect chance to spend some money and shop. Especially when it was payday!
Our bedroom was located on the first floor and as we turned the lock to the room we couldn't help but giggle at what greeted us - this incredible and beautiful room and with not one, but THREE WINDOWS with quite literally an amazing view overlooking the Promenade and the romanticist beds of all...(haha!). Admitedlly, these kinda rooms scare me alone (don't ask why - but they do!) but the laughter of having to jump onto the high four poster bed made those worries float away. Until Mama asked if I'd checked in the wardrobe for witches..
After a fun (and expensive) day shopping, we spruced ourselves up and headed to the hotel restaurant, being seated in possibly the most romantic area, the window seat. The menu choice was something else and we filled ourselves silly with copious amounts of cheese but made sure there was room for the delicious puddings on offer. Once dinner was finished it was fair to say that me and Mama are too similar - we were ready for our pyjamas and a snuggle up in bed with Saturday night TV. We were officially shopped out! And full.
With my love for windows, I was pleasantly satisfied when Mama decided that we'd leave the curtains open that night because there's nothing better than sunlight shining through first thing in the morning (and hoisting those huge curtains across was an effort with a full chocolate belly!). When we finally pulled ourselves out of that bed and headed down for breakfast, we enjoyed the fact we didn't have to rush - and it was basically a fight between us and the wide variety of breakfast options. We would not be defeated (and yes I eat my pastries first..!)
We deciced to spend the afternoon pottering around Cheltenham again, taking in the beautiful surrounding and hiding under the umbrella away from the fine rain (you know, that rain that gets you soaking!) and heading back for one final shop. Bags weighing us down and stomachs filled with coffee (it wasn't all about food and drink...) we both agreed that the weekend was just what we both needed, extremely chilled, food filled, shopped out, and perfect company. And those are the best kinda weekends.


  1. Ah Katy what a beauty your mama is, now we know where you get your looks from! Sounds like the perfect weekend away and I've decided I need one with my mum!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time away! Your photography is just divine too Katy! x


  3. Cheltenham is only down the road from me & I love it so much. Glad you had a lovely time :)


  4. Aww, what a lovely weekend! Sometimes you just need a good weekend with your mum.

  5. Awh, sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Love having girly couple of days away with my mum! That room looks amazing! xo


  6. this looks like such a lush way to spend a weekend! and i must say mama mcfred is one trendy wendy, she has given me trouser envy! xxxxxxx

  7. This looks amazing. They used to have a Mercure hotel in my town but I think it's shut down. I went to a wedding there once and the good was amazing. You and your mum look so alike!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  8. Oh wow! Looked like you had the most wonderful time! I love going for weekends with my boyfriend but weekends with momma are definitely the best!
    The hotel looks beautiful, you lucky lady :) Glad it was all splendid!!

  9. It sounds like you've had an amazing time - You lucky girl!
    Eilidh | http://letsgetwonderfullylost.blogspot.co.uk/

  10. Looks like it is such a great hotel! I'm now following your blog :)

    Giveaway <3 SHE WALKS Blog

  11. Oh this is lovely! You and Mama McFred look ever so happy

  12. Sounds lovely! Sometimes it's so nice to have some mama / daughter time. xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  13. AWWW you happy pair of peas you :) Looks like a lovely weekend, lucky you! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  14. I absolutely adore Cheltenham!!!
    Love the photos :)

  15. Great post! The dessert looks yummy!

    Now following your amazing blog!
    Fashion Ganache.

  16. Awr so nice to see that you & your mum are so close!
    This looks like the most perfect weekend, that room is something else! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  17. My other half lives in Cheltenham and I love going down to visit him there. It's such a photogenic place! Love from a new follower :)
    Jen x