Cats are nice. They really are. And I know that dog lovers may say otherwise, but cats have some incredible qualities and are just as characterful as dogs. Well, I know Runkle is.

As you know, Runkle and I have been buddies for over seven years. He's my pal, my side kick and the one I literally dote on the most. I can't help myself, that face is just too cute. And if there's ever an opportunity to talk about him, then you can bet I will.

So when Petplan got in touch about their Pethood stories campaign I was all hell yeah, let me tell you all about the life I have with Runkle. Because, what's not to love about pets right? They're cute, adorable, friendly, loveable and totally what makes a house a home, in my opinion.

Oh and they sometimes leave nice gifts in the bath...


1. He's inquisitive. Like a whole lot. Anything you're doing? Yeah you can bet he'll be there.

2. That face. I mean, do I even need to say more?

3. Cats do give affection. Yes really. I love when I'm dozing off to sleep, and he thumps onto the bed, and wants to get under the covers for a little snuggle. Those precious moments can't be disrupted with - whatever time of night.

4. I think he likes me. I do. Well, I know he's missed me when I've been gone.

5. Personal space is non existent. Which is totally fine, because I guess when you have a pet, that's just part of it. So you can bet when you're in the bath, you'll have yourself a little visitor.

6. Have you seen those ears? Slightly bigger than average compared to his small head, but oh those ears. Ironic that they're big yet he likes to ignore me a lot...

7. The way he creeps. Whether I'm in the bathroom and you see his ears peeking round, or if I'm in bed and I catch his eyes at the bedroom door, like he's such a creeper.

8. He's more than just a cat. I can't quite put my finger on it, but you know when they just know if something isn't right? Well, that. If ever I'm feeling down or lonely, it's like he knows and will always sit beside me or appear extra friendly. That's probably my favourite thing about him.

9. I'm 100% biased, but he's cute. That is all.

10. Runkle always likes eating. And for that, I like Runkle. Because food is life.

11. Our favourite thing to do together, is cuddle in the bathtub. Not with the water obviously, because cats and water is definitely not a fun thing, but sometimes he'll jump in the tub, and i'll scoot in beside him and we'll just lay there, him on my chest, and have some time together. And it's our time. And it sounds so weird writing that, because actually it is weird, but we'll still keep doing it.

12. He doesn't eat my plants. And if someone respects my plants, I'll respect them.

13. Hibernating is one of his favourite things to do. He's partial to hiding in places that he believes nobody will ever find him. And I like his determination for this, but if it's not his ears sticking out from a drawer or his butt hanging out from under the bed, his hibernation skills need improving either way!

14. I like how he meows. It's not really a normal meow, but he's pretty vocal and will wander around the house meowing at random things.

15. How he makes me feel as I walk in the front door. There really is nothing quite like coming home and being greeted by that little face of his. That look in his eye is as though I am his world, but I know deep down it's just because he wants me to feed him...

16. Sometimes he's stubborn. Oh yeah, he can.

17. He keeps me on my toes. Like, about to run a bath? Oh cool, he'll just sit in the tub and stop you. Wants to go out at 5am and not through the back door, but in fact the window? Best sort that out. Takes up a whole lot of space on the bed for such a small animal. He sure keeps us busy. But I wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe the 5am wake up call...).

18. The padding. You know what I mean. When it looks like they're kneading bread, and they're so intensely into it that they dribble and it just looks cute because it's their moment. Yeah that.

19. Cat cuddles really are the best. And Runkle's are. Even if I'm the only chosen one.

20. His gallop. Yup, this cat gallops when he comes in from outside. I don't know why, or how, but he just does.

21. The lack of confidence is quite endearing. Maybe because I see myself in him in that regard, but he really lacks confidence whether it's someone new coming into the house, or if the wind blows the backdoor open, he'll be incredibly nervous. And that inquisitive face will be out again.

22. Let's be serious, sometimes they cost a fair bit. You know, those endless visits when he had cystitis that just wouldn't clear, or that time when he limped around the house for four days and as soon as we took him to the vets, he appeared fine. Luckily I've always had him insured, because in the long run it's a lifesaver. Petplan pet insurance have an amazing priority to keep our pets healthy and us as owners happy (which we all know is key!).

23. Runkle likes Marmite. And cheese. So that's why we're meant to be.

24. It's been seven years of fun together for Runkle and I. And I'm hoping there's many more, because I honestly don't know what I'd do without him.

25. And most of all, I like the way that he's not a normal cat. He's my cat.S

o they're some of my favourite things about Runkle. And actually, what I like (apart from him obviously), is the Petplan Pet Census 2018, which provides insight into the lives and attitudes of households who own pets around the UK. As they say - pets are the family we choose. And damn right about that!

Tell me, whats your favourite thing about your pet?

*This post is in collaboration with Petplan, however all thoughts and photography are my own.

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