Christmas Gifting With Boots

Christmas Gifting With Boots


Whilst I'm fully into the Christmas spirit and think I'm all set for December, reality is that I've not even started my Christmas shopping. I just wanna eat cheese, drink mulled wine and watch The Grinch (again!).

But then I do this thing every single year, where I buy some things, and then I buy some more. Because, I love nothing more than seeing my favourite people's faces light up when they open our presents from us (I'd like to think we're good gift givers, but then I guess that's not our call to make..). It's my way of showing my appreciation and love to all that that person has done for me/us.

However this year, I've kinda made a deal with myself to not buy people things just for the sake of it. We receive things that ultimately we don't always use, so I'd rather gift meaningful and valuable presents. And treat those who matter more.


So when Boots* got in touch and offered me a helping hand with some of their Christmas Gifts (or maybe a kick up the backside to actually get started on it...), I knew who I wanted to choose.

My Mama Mcfred.

A wonderful woman, and if you know me on the outside world of the web, then chances are, you'll know Mama Mcfred too. She loves a good party (basically, gin and wine), and she loves spending time with people. But also, she absolutely loves helping people out, and always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. And that's what I love about her the most.


You can bet that on Christmas Day, she's the one gifting the most presents, remembering something you wanted one cold February afternoon, and finding it under the tree at Christmas. She'll gift thoughtful things, funny things, and most certainly practical too. And just like most other mothers, she'll be there with her bin bag, collecting all of the wrapping paper.

Mama Mcfred not only taught me to love, be kind and always have a busy diary, but she also taught me the love of perfume, and fragrances. And as soon as I saw on the Christmas Gifts for her range a whole host of fragrances, I knew what I was adding into my basket.I chose the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume, for its addictive floral notes, and the gorgeous Ted Baker Soft Blossoms Gift Set, because delicate hands always need looking after.It's a pretty pink set of presents this year, but I know that she'll be thoroughly pleased with them (if she's not reading this, which there's a strong possibility she won't, because she'll be out and about I'm sure!). I'm almost most certainly going to be borrowing the perfume, because isn't that what gifting is all about?!


So, if I can get my Christmas shop on now, with only a few days until Christmas - then so can you! And make sure to check out Boots for their amazing selection of Christmas gifts (plus, you can most definitely pick up a little something for yourself - it's part of the Christmas present buying law don't you know!).

Can we have December twice a year please?*

This post is in collaboration with Boots, however all views and photography are my own.

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