Hello 2017!

Well hello 2017. You've come around so fast...To be honest, you're already going at super speed. We're now ten days into you (there was a slight moment of me that went to be a little lad-like and be all 'wahey' WINK, but I resisted. Well, kinda.) and I'm only just sitting down to say hello, happy new year, and all those other things that happen in between that Christmas period and the quiet of January. You see, in the last three weeks, maybe even more six weeks, or if we're going full force, I'd say the last twelve months, it's been a whirlwind. A non stop ride. I would describe it as a rollercoaster, but then that means you have your lows with your highs, and of course although there were  a few low points in 2016, majority of it for me personally, was pretty incredible (does this make me sound selfish? I hope not.) I liked it a lot.I liked it a lot because I was super busy. I hardly had time to stop and wash my socks (I did manage, but you get the idea), and I hardly lived at home. I was always somewhere, seeing people, places, and learning many new things. I visited new places and saw as much of the people who matter to me, as often as I could. They're the things I like the most, so it's time always well spent.So I guess you've got a lot to live up to. But I have no doubts in you, I believe you won't disappoint.And I believe that, because although I think fate lives in the clouds (as do I a fair amount of time...), I also know I can make it a good one too.Which I'm going to.Positivity; is key!There's weddings to be attending, there's family to cherish, friends to laugh with, a male to be loved, work to be created, cats to be fussed, places to be visited, and most importantly myself to be pushed.You see, thats my main plan this year; To push myself.Not in a bad way, or one that'll make me cry. Nobody wants to cry. Like where's the fun in that?But more, just to DO me. Be me. And believe in me.That I can do things. That I am good at what I do, in all aspects of my life, from work, to friends and family, to living. And that I am who I am for me.Because isn't that the biggest achievement of all. Being yourself.At least I think it should be. I know it will be for myself.And I'm also going to get out on my bike more. Even if it did make me cry the first time. That's an exception, because not only is it beautiful, but I know I enjoy it. Those tears? They were at the fault of my aching legs. So we'll blame my legs rather than the bike.Here's to 2017. The year of being me. And riding my bike.

"It's not your job to like me. It's mine."

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