The little things

Sunshine cat. This little one who loves to catch the sun in the morning. We've been spending a bit more time at home some week days, and weekends which means it throws him off routine - but I think he likes it. He may sleep less when we're about, but he makes up for it in cat cuddles thats for sure! And how can you resist that large belly, cute nose and big eyes. I know I can't!Lazy mornings in bed. There's something quite pleasing about waking up on a Sunday morning with little plans, and treating yourself to a well deserved breakfast, just because. At the moment we're all over pastries, and jam whether they're hot or cold. And throw in (not literally mind..) a peppermint tea, cat cuddles and some chilled music, making it nearly my favourite thing to do on a weekend (quote, nearly..).

Bike life. It was my birthday earlier this month, and it's fair to say I was utterly surprised when this not so little present, was standing at the front door. For me! ME! I've been wanting a bike for a year and a half, but haven't ever gotten round to it (and because, y'know weather and excuses), so of course it was only right to head straight out onto the streets and through the Surrey hills immediately. Let's just say that there's some practice needed and speed required especially when hills are involved...

Present buying. This year I was attempting to be incredibly organised with present buying, but lets just say that I'm still placing orders this weekend (and doing that one for them, one for me trick).. We've decided to treat a few loved ones to something a little more special this year, and there'll certainly be a Daniel Wellington* watch or two under that tree. If you're thinking the same, you can get 15% off an order (bonus!) with the code LITTLEWINTER, which means you can spend that 15% you saved on something for you.

Christmas spirit. I can't believe it's Christmas next weekend! All my presents (mostly) are still sitting in the spare room waiting to be wrapped, with an attempted cute bow and sweet little tags attached (this never looks as good as I imagine but whatever, I try!) for all our family and friends. I'm so excited to head back on Christmas Eve and spend a good amount of time laughing, eating and relaxing with everyone. And enjoying a few too many glasses of fizz.

Edinburgh. We took a trip to Edinburgh this week for a few nights, as part of the birthday surprise (oh this male, he's too nice!), and honestly I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a beautiful city as quick as this. Like, all the windows, all the gothic buildings, and that food. Oh and the Christmas markets, lights and vibes completely enhanced it in ways I never thought possible. Officially want to move up North now. Not sure the bike would work so well with those steep streets mind...

"It's the little things that make life big."

Hello 2017!

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