The little life

Life has been a whirlwind these past few weeks, and big changes are about to happen which I'm really excited and nervous about! But all whilst feeling these things, I'm always finding the positive, the better picture and being more and more carefree as each day goes by. I like this feeling too! Soon i'll be so carefree, i'll start floating instead of walking. Yeah, maybe not..

I can't deal with all this cute. He wants to spend time with me and sit next to me, and rub his wet nose against my cheek, and spread himself out so I stroke his belly and rest my head next to him. And it seems that as he gets older, he becomes much more dependent on me and wants to stare right at my face (like right at it). I'm certainly not complaining. Not when there's a squishy belly to snuggle.

I'm counting down t until the doughnut is back in the pool next week. It'll be mine and the male's first holiday together, and we're excited to get away for some sunshine, a glistening pool and a day of cocktail drinking. Oh, and I can guarantee there'll be lots of laughter, he's a funny one.

I bought some books for my holiday last month in the hope that I'd read them, but I'm a fidget and it took me ten days to read just one! So I've re-packed this book and also ordered another, thinking that maybe this time I will read. But actually, I know I'll end up snoozing..

All I seem to do on weekends is drink. It's a friends birthday? Let's go for a drink! Hey we've got a wedding, lets drink wine. Shall we just get a takeaway and chill tonight? Let's have a cider!I mean, I'm not complaining - after all Summer is for fruity cider right? And this is by far my favourite.

Because every home deserves pretty flowers.

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear"

This is to you

Life Lately...