Things about Summer

The light is creeping through the windows early in the morning and the smell of warm fresh air begins to hit you. The supermarket shelves are full of BBQ food and holiday shop essentials, the suitcases are down from the loft and the hayfever has come out in full force.That's when you know Summer is here. I like Summer.I like that you can spend your afternoon drinking cider, whether it's in a local park or you've taken a drive and stopped somewhere with a view. I like you can drink fruity cider at music festivals, and you can head to the pub after work for a cheeky cider.I like the smell of freshly cut grass in the Summer.I like that I can wear my leather jacket most evenings. It's my trusty friend when my shoulders get chilly on a shady afternoon, or a mild evening.I like the bright mornings, when the sun is shining through the curtains waking you up earlier than you'd like. And I like that the evenings stay light until almost bedtime, and you feel a sense of calm as you crawl under the covers some days when the light is still bright.I like that you can eat all the watermelon. All the time.I like driving down the country lanes, with the windows down (us folk who don't have air con over here..), the chilled music playing through the speakers and the views of fields, covered in Sunflowers, and green grass.I also like the daisies in the garden. I like making daisy chains.I like that Pimms becomes the favourite drink, and the fridge is always full of cucumber and mint and strawberries. And that Pimms somehow tastes so, so much nicer in the sunshine.I like that I can have my legs bare, and simply slip on a sundress. With a pair of sandals. And you feel free, and fresh.I like the British seaside in the Summer, and the ice cream stalls standing in all their glory as they present all the various flavours making it their time to make people happy.I like how happy the Summer can make people. Relaxed, and healthier.I like a pub garden.I also like making iced coffee in the morning. With a squirt of caramel sauce.And best of all, I  like that smell when you're walking home from a BBQ, and you can smell other BBQ's, the warmth in the air, the content feeling inside, and just quite simply, the smell of Summer.That's my favourite one.

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