Five Happy Things

The sun is shining, the vest has been put back into the drawer until September, and the pub gardens seem to be filling up - and the best bit is that everyone seems to be positive and happy. It's funny how the change in weather can do that to us. But I guess it's true, that the sun does make us happy.I've been so busy these last few weeks (I say that every time!) that last week I took some chilled time after work, for me. I Spring cleaned my house, I watched some trash TV and I sat about in my knickers because I could. I liked it. But I'm glad that my diary is full again.And with a full diary, comes a happy face. Here's my five happy things for this week:Holiday month! I go on holiday at the end of the month, and I can't quite believe it. After talking about this for nearly a year when we got excited, it's crazy that it's actually coming around so soon. I only just bought a bikini after being told that one is simply not enough for eleven days... Roll on the sunshine, and the free drinks, and a very inviting pool with some of my people.Ciders in the sun. It's officially the time when we can meet for a fruity cider in a beer garden on the weekend. I love nothing more than doing that. Mine's an Elderflower Cider please.Food Festival. I'm off to Bournemouth for the weekend to see the Sassy Peas for couples times, and the Food Festival is on, so a weekend spent eating all types of food, drinking cider and hanging out with people who make me laugh, is a blissful way. Hurry up 4pm!Game Of Thrones. About ten years behind, but we've just finished Season 1. We cannot stop watching it, but we've a rule where we can only watch it together, so I think this may take some time...Fresh Bed Sheets. Is there anything more satisfying and content than getting into some crisp and fresh white bedding sheets? Although it does make it difficult to leave them in the morning. Even if the sun is shining through!

"Surround yourself with those who make you happy."

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