Five Happy Things

It's such a circle, is life, and one where something in your life could be incredibly good, very strong and makes you feel all the feels, but having that can also highlight other areas that aren't quite how you want them to be. But the thing about us, the thing about life, is that we can make changes.We can control our happiness. And decide how to do that. Which in my eyes, is a pretty beautiful and powerful thing. And we can also find beauty in the simplest of things. Those pleasures that we sometimes take for granted.Here's my favourite five this week:Morning light. There is nothing I love more than waking up, and the morning light striking through the thin white curtains and even more so now that Spring has arrived. Having fresh, crisp white bedding and the faint warmth from the radiator really does start my day just right. The morning can truly be such a delicate thing.Weekends. My diary is full until the middle of May with exciting adventures, pyjama weekends with the girls, weddings and birthdays and it's everything and more of a weekend for me.Independence. We are so lucky that we live in a world where we can do or be and see what we want. Which means that we can travel whenever and wherever we choose to go, and we can push ourselves to do things out of our comfort zone. For me, this is becoming a huge thing, and although it may feel daunting and scary at the start, once I've pushed myself and tried something, I don't half feel like I do have the ability to do things. That makes me happy.A little black top. I treated myself (actually mama did) to a little black ribbed bardot style top, and I think I'm in love. Teamed with my high waisted jeans and my soft pink heels, it makes me feel like Sandy from Grease and that makes me feel sassy.Daffodils. They brighten up my desk at work, and they're only £1. What's not to love about that once a week throughout Spring?

"Of this be sure: You do not find the happy life - you make it."

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